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Details on Randy Orton’s Attacker Revealed, WWE Responds

– The WWE fan who attacked Randy Orton in the ring at Tuesday night’s WWE Live Event from Cape Town, South Africa is 20-year-old pro wrestler Tshepo Sekhabi, known in the ring as “Jozi the Wrestling Machine.”

In an interview with South African news website, Sekhabi claims he quit his job in order to attend the event. The attack was premeditated – and he ended up with a black eye and a swollen face as a result of Randy Orton kicking him in the face as he was being pulled from the ring by security.

As for why he decided to jump the security gate, hit the ring and low blow Randy Orton, he told ENCA:

“I just don’t like Randy Orton, this was an opportunity for me so I got up there and made a name for myself.”

Contrary to previous reports, Sekhabi was not “formally” arrested but was given a five year ban from the casino resort where the WWE event was being held.

WWE was contacted about whether Randy Orton would apologize for kicking the fan in the face. They issued a statement, saying:

“Randy Orton was the victim in this incident and suffered an injured groin.”

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I remember this happen with Y2J a fan attack him I was at that event to. The fan went right up to Jericho he push Jericho didn’t even move him in fact he push himself to the ground. Then Jericho he just hammer him before security got there I bet Randy did the same thing I would. Who this fan think he is Randy would hurt him so bad. Yeah it fake but that don’t mean these wrestler can’t fight and Randy he is one of those guys who can fight if he has to.

  • Zlanta

    A pro wrestler and all he could do was a low blow?

  • Clarence Black

    didn’t make a name for yourself. you looked liked an idiot. fans needs to respect the guys that are leaving there family’s to go to another country to put a show on for them. yea he getting paid to do it and its his job. but, he is still out there u paid to be there. like them or not you should at least respect them as a person. you dont have to as a wrestler but as a person you should.

  • Solid

    Gold. Sounds like he was angling to get a job or something, all he got was what he deserved, a kick in the head.