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More Details on Why Sheamus Squashed Daniel Bryan, Update on Madusa’s Check

– There is a lot of speculation on the WWE royalty check that was posted by Madusa earlier. The check is legit but people are wondering if she was really paid $305,000 or if that’s how much the DVD’s listed made. Madusa’s comments on her Facebook indicate that she received that much money from WWE. She said after taxes, she will see “next to nothing” of that $305,000. Hopefully we get some kind of clarification soon.

– PWInsider reports that WWE wanted to surprise everyone at WrestleMania 28 and do something that nobody was expecting, which is part of the reason why Sheamus squashed Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Title.

Besides this and breaking the record from Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero, officials were hoping to get the Brogue Kick over as a dominant move.

For those wondering, Daniel Bryan is not being punished and there is said to be no heat on him.

  • JohnCena33

    Sheamus OWNED Bryan. He put a dog collar on that bitch and claimed it as his property. Hope CHRISTIAN can get title from Sheamus.

  • Jon-Jon

    What sucks is that Sheamus probably didn’t want the match to happen that way, either. Now he’s gotta deal with all the heat from the crowds. The WWE fucked themselves by making one of their biggest faces in the company hated by the audience. He’s gonna turn into John Cena 2.0.

  • kitkrock

    Sheamus is a dumb white prick who should die.

  • chronoxiong

    I don’t buy the Brogue Kick as a finisher. No way.

  • ChrisDV

    If they HAD to do that, it should’ve been Show/Cody that they used it for. It would fit perfectly with the angle going into the match, with Cody repeatedly mocking Big Show about constantly looking like a joke at ‘Mania, only for Show to beat Cody within seconds & leave Cody humiliated once he realised what happened.

    Considering Bryan/Sheamus was dropped down to dark match last year, they should’ve been allowed to actually have a match this year.

  • Diesel

    This is what happens when you’re friends with HHH boys & girls….

  • 360degrees

    The crowd shouldn’t take it out on Sheamus though he was just doing what he was told to do blame it on HHH, vince, steph and the creative team which is probably just them three anyway

  • YES

    @Ant I was in that crowd, and I can fucking tell you, he did not get a good reaction, and got even worse last night on raw

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I didn’t think they could possibly ruin Sheamus/Bryan, but they surprised me.

  • dan

    i thought it was good sheamus isnt my fav by a long shot, but hes alot bettet han d bryan, hes a sick wrestler im not taking that away from him, but hes one of the worst champions… he has no charisma, hes promos are rubbish and his music is a joke, and he whole heel turn was pathetic it was just him hiding behind a girl wtf!

  • Ender011

    For the love of God, it’s cheque!!!!!!!!!

  • SpudimusPrime89

    Actually Sheamus vs. Bryan didn’t break the time record. Kane vs. Chavo was 9 seconds long while Sheamus vs. Bryan was 18 seconds.

  • 1919dpg

    the wwe has a tendency to completely burry anybody who dares to get over. just look at zakk ryder. i don’t get these urges to ”surprise” people or break stupid shortest match or mask records.

    daniel v sheamus was 1 of the main reasons i ordered the ppv and i got screwed over because they wanted to ”surprise” us. FUCK WWE

  • Davey

    I agree it was a terrible decision and think it would be bad if Sheamus became the focus of the crowd’s dislike for this over a long period of time.

    However without meaning to the WWE have made Bryan more popular than he’s ever been, lets just hope they don’t bury him now he’s gained this unexpected momentum

  • Simon

    And while he may have a rematch… given how he lost, is there anyone who believes he has a chance at regaining it? No. The way they made him lose, after everything he went through to retain the title as long as he did, has made him look as pathetic as a jobber. That is why he, as the scapegoat to WWE creative since it was their idea through him to squash Bryan, was getting boo’d.

  • Sheamus vs Bryan (18 seconds) is shorter than Kane vs Chavo (8 seconds)


  • Stevie P

    WWE*. Gimme an edit button!

  • Stevie P

    Ant, it’s not about Sheamus beating Bryan but how they had him getting beat. For proof of this, watch Raw from last night. There were a TON of boos for Sheamus and it wasn’t because he was champ, but because WWE had him become champ by burying Bryan who is one of the most solid wrestlers WWW has.

  • Simon

    All they did was make Danial Bryan more popular and make people boo Shaemus with that. Im not the only one who heard all the boo’s Shaemus got on Raw, and the yes chants were going on all night. Hope WWE takes notice, you made a VERY bad call.

  • Ant

    Oh And If Sheamus Beating DBryan Was SOOO Bad Then How Come When He Won The World Heavyweight Championship He Got A Huge Pop From The Miami Crowd I Was Watching Wrestlemania 28 And I Saw And Heard It Wit My Own Eyes And Ears

  • Ant

    I Feel Like People Are Taking It Out On Sheamus Which Is Wrong Cuz Frankly He Isnt The One Responsible For Booking And I Think People Are Forgetting That DBryan Has A Rematch At Extreme Rules So We’ll Probably Get A Good Ladders Match Or I Quit Match Or Somethin Out Of It

  • Jimbo

    Do something that no one expects? Well, bad booking will usually do that.

  • Stevie P

    Ugh you can make the Brogue Kick dominant even without a squash. You make one of your best workers look incredibly weak, the title as next to nothing and you can’t even get Sheamus over all in 18 seconds cause no one bought it. Good job WWE.

  • poko

    That justification is awful. There is good surprise and there is bad surprise, and having a match a lot of people were looking forward to turn into a squash is a bad surprise. On top of that, it made an up-and-coming performer look weak, and had the crowd at RAW booing the other guy, who had been way over until now. It was just a bad, bad decision.

  • cakes

    Although I disagree with the approach towards this match, I feel that the surprise element is cool and justifiable by the WWE. But with that being said, the match and feud for the WWE to use scenario with was the Big Show vs Rhodes due to Rhodes constantly embarrassing Show and claiming he cant get it done at Wrestlemania.

  • Effmenow

    If this would’ve happened in the middle of the show like right after Taker/Triple H match it wouldn’t have been that big of a deal as the crowd was already dead by that point. But opening Wrestlemania with that is mind boggling. The fans are pumped for the first match and that should never happen.

  • Pandar

    Nobody gives a fuck if he has heat on him, or not. It’s the fact, they screwed over someone who’s considered one of the best in the industry at the moment on their first ever wrestlemania. A guy’s dream being derailed. If they wanna do this type of shit, then do it on somebody that know one gives a fuck about.

    Thanks to this fiasco, Bryan’s gonna be considered weak to the mainstream audience. Could’ve been a DECENT wrestlemania outside of the Diva’s match. I’m curious on how he’s taking it.

  • Wellsy

    They could have at least had a rematch on Raw!

  • nnac

    so do the surprise beginning and kill ALOTTT of the hype for mania. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!