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New Details Surface On Randy Savage’s Relationship With Vince McMahon

Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer stated today on that recent allegations made by WWE Hall of Famers George “The Animal” Steele and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper concerning Vince McMahon’s soured relationship with Randy Savage have nothing to do with the WWE chief’s animosity towards the late wrestler.

Piper alleged last Friday on Twitter that Savage slapped McMahon in a bar. Steele then suggested in an interview that McMahon held Savage in contempt for abruptly jumping to World Championship Wrestling in 1994 because he considered him “almost like a son.”

Steele said, “I think that what happened with Randy, when his career was winding down with the WWF, Vince McMahon just loved Randy. After all everything Randy had done and he took him under his wing, and he wanted Randy after the ring was over with for him, he wanted him to be our spokesperson. He was traveling with Vince all the time. Randy was almost like a son, they were really tight. And then one day, we were at a TV meeting, and we got word that Randy, without calling Vince, had left and jumped to the WCW. I had never seen Vince McMahon broken before, he was crushed. It hurt him big time and I don’t think he ever got over that. I think that’s the real problem to be honest with you.”

In late 1996, Savage’s contract with WCW had expired and he briefly negotiated with WWE regarding a possible return to the organization. Meltzer said that during this time frame, Vince McMahon told him he would take back Savage “with open arms,” but would “never ever” take Hulk Hogan back.

Meltzer then notes that McMahon’s animosity towards Savage during the final years of the wrestling legend’s life stemmed from an incident that occurred following 1996, or “something he found out.”

“Any explanation of why Vince hates Savage that has to do with something that Vince would have known pre-1996 is clearly balderdash,” Meltzer stated. “Either something post 1996, or something he found out after 1996.”

There is a long-standing rumor indicating that Savage was involved in a sexual relationship with McMahon’s daughter Stephanie during his final year in WWE, therefore explaining his animosity towards him (which McMahon learned years later). While the allegation has never been verified, Meltzer stated in March 2009 that top WWE officials believed the rumor to be true.

Meltzer said then, “I think that the reason is the same reason that everyone says. It’s the reason everyone in (WWE) says. It’s the reason that is the only one that makes any sense. So I think that’s the reason. I can’t come up with any other reason. I don’t know. I mean, I’ve heard that reason from so many people that are not internet rumormongers, I mean people who – all I know is that within the company as far as the top people, they all believe it, and nobody knows for sure, because it’s never brought up.

“When I first heard the story I didn’t believe it because I thought it was just some story, but then, and I mean even when people who are very high up in that company, after they left the company, would tell me that story I still didn’t believe it, but, you know, after a certain number of years when it’s just, you know, ideas are brought up for Randy Savage and the reaction – there’s something real, real bad because, let’s face it, I mean, I couldn’t count the number of times Vince said he would never do business with Hulk Hogan, and he always does. So, I don’t know…Actually, as time goes by, more people talk about it trying to say that it didn’t happen.”

  • Howe

    Meltzer probably doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Vince wouldn’t have written a piece in TIME magazine about Macho, had Macho banged his daughter. Cmon people…

  • Diesel

    See nobody knows the REAL truth so I dont know what to believe to be honest, but lest face it who HASN’T Steph banged??

  • Nicholas G

    This just show at the end of the day how little knowledge of the internet has when it comes to digging up information about Pro Wrestling on the internet. Which is why I never believe anything that is said about the WWE or TNA on the internet. I have my own eyes seeing what is happening in front of the stage not in backstage. Now have never said anything bad about WWE but when they made a mistake I will admit it. The mistake is they should have put Macho Man Randy Savage in the Hall of Fame a long time ago now they have no choice but to put him in this year. Because it is the right thing to do. Other they that don’t really happen what happen between Vince Mac and Randy Savage an don’t really care. It is over let it go.

    In closing Macho Man Randy Savage was one of my favorite. Over the years began liking him better then Hogan. Because to me Randy Savage was a much better wrestler and was simple one of the very best at what he done.

  • Gary

    honestly, Who Cares? It does change anything..Macho is still one of the best to ever do it, and vince is still vince so…let the story rest in peace with randy…

  • david said so

    how is steph a hoe or she fucked him we dont know stop saying something shes not

  • D Hawk

    Wow saying that makes you sound like a sexual deviant. But if Stephanie was 18 then she was of age. I know it’s vince’s daughter but unless savage forced it then Vince doesn’t have a leg to stand on and he just looks like a bag of smashed assholes for not letting macho in hall of fame sooner

  • K Roy

    @bcvs….actually you sick fuck anyone CANT have sex with ANYONE, age is clearly a defining line…are you saying that its ok to have sex with a child because that is what you are insinuating…

  • Prince

    It has nothing to do with how Stephanie feels. Who cares? I’m just saying that it probably pissed Vince off that a 42-year-old Savage banged his 17-18 year-old daughter. Don’t think that would go over well with any father. Like when she was banging guys closer to her own age, like HHH, it probably wasn’t as much of an issue. Pretty obvious that Vince likes HHH, and he liked Savage too. They both banged his daughter. I’m just stating the difference.

  • Bcvs

    One can have sex with anyone,anytime irrespective of age,marital status or anything else.
    It’s not an issue.
    I love Stephanie for being honest with her desire.

  • Devil_Rising

    OR, it could be total BS.

  • kyle

    nah steff probly says that now

  • peep it

    Camille LMAO !

  • Camille

    I wonder if every time Triple H goes to have sex with his wife he sees Randy’s face being like “OOH YEAHHHH”.

  • Prince

    So ’94 was Randy’s last year in WWE, making Stephanie 18 at the oldest. That might have been why it pissed off Vince.

  • CC

    So what were these new details then? Sounds to me like Meltzer is just saying what everyone else says, in that he has no idea why they fell out and that it may have been something that has never been proved.

    At the end of the day, who gives a damn if he did or didnt fuck Steph? All that matters is that they fell out for whatever reason, and that stopped us from seeing Randy back in the WWE.

  • misfit del rio

    I guess well never know wat really hapened.