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More Details on Triple H Being Out Until WrestleMania 29

– We noted before that the new working idea was for Triple H to remain out of action until WrestleMania 29 next year. It wasn’t known if that would be the date for the Brock Lesnar rematch or if WWE had scrapped the rematch altogether. Sources now report that the working plan is indeed for Lesnar-HHH II to take place at WrestleMania.

Obviously this would nix any plans for Lesnar vs. The Undertaker or Lesnar vs. The Rock. It’s important to note that WrestleMania plans are always being worked on but the match they are going with is Lesnar vs. Triple H. While plans do change, it’s said that because of Triple H’s power, this match probably won’t change as many times as the others will.

I reported on Monday that this week’s Triple H retirement speech was not planned at SummerSlam when he loss to Lesnar but WWE wasn’t happy with the original crowd reaction to his apparent retirement. One person in WWE noted that no matter what anyone claims, the entire reason they shot the retirement segment on Monday night was because they needed to get footage of the “right” crowd reaction meaning fans chanting “thank you Hunter” and other things like that.


  • Kingablery

    Whats the point of Taker vs Brock?
    i’ll never get excited about a taker match again, like HHH said about not being there to collect a pay cheque cough “taker” cough. Taker only wrestles one match a year, he won’t ever lose another match again. Boring.

  • devontet

    Has it occurred to the WWE that maybe we may like HHH for what he has done for so many years but that we are tired of him taking the spotlight and trying to step in at the wrong time.. Dont get me wrong his match with Taker (all 3 at WM) were GOOD but his match with Lesnar wasnt all that great.. i liked it for what it was and that was giving Lesnar his credibility back since his loss to Cena… Now they need to move on if HHH wants to do WrestleMania match then how about put someone over like he did with Sheamus at WM26 sure he beat him but then he lost to him and made it to where Sheamus made him a part timer… Let Lesnar face Taker WM if not then give us the WM match thats actually overdo Cena v Taker… Cena and Taker are running out of WM opponents especially Taker, he’s old.. Only ones left are either Cena or Lesnar… SO hopefully HHH realizes that WM would get better buys with Lesnar v Taker or Taker v Cena and follow it up with Rock v CM Punk if not then they’ll just produce a WM that we have seen in the likes of WM26 and WM27… BTW the whole WM rematches are getting stale already WM25 & WM26 Taker-HBK 27&28 Taker-HHH and if its true then 28&29 Rock-Cena… That is all

  • eric

    I know this. if hbk shawn micheal can not beat undertaker at wrestlemania noone can. hbk is just what former owner cretor of ecw and current agent of brock lesnar says. hbk greatest performer of all time. wwe should have had hbk beat taker at wrestlemaina26 2 yrs ago. it doesn’t matter if it is lesnar vs taker (they had great matches in 2002 hell in cell was great) cm punk or cena vs taker. taker will always win. cena would even lose to undertaker at wrestlemaina. would love to see cena vs taker would be good. great match at main event wrestlemania29 in new jersey. 30 minute match. cena goes for aa taker reverse it into tombstone for win.

  • i guess everybody forgot the rumor about wade barrett facing taker at mania a year ago

  • Trev

    Think Vince is set on Rock Cena II at Mania, so Punk will need another high profile match

    Taker Punk i think seems most likley in WWE’s highly original booking era…

    And Trips is pushing for his big rematch/comeback at mania – it will happen.

    So accoridng to the rumours i think Wrestlemania is set to what i predicted IMO

    CM Punk Taker would be fun to watch tho

  • My wm 29 card would be rock vs hhh, brock vs taker, punk vs rr winner for wwe title, cena vs bryan and world title match involving randy orton plus a raw vs sd match with aj leader for raw and eve leader for sd.

  • Dodobaboon

    CM Punk vs The Rock (if Stone Cold is not an option)
    Lesnar vs Taker
    Triple H vs John Cena vs King Kong Bundy (just for the hell of it)
    Bryan vs Sheamus 2nd time at Wrestlemania
    After Bryan defeats Sheamus in 5 seconds Bryan challenges anyone and the challenger for Bryan is Dolph Ziggler, in a huge epic match

  • Dan

    I’d much rather see Jericho return in time for a nice run, and say he’s done everything that there is to do except beat Taker at Mania. And have him play up he was the first Undisputed Champion and he’ll be the first to beat Taker at Mania.

  • chronoxiong

    I just vomited after I read this report. Are you serious?

  • Austin

    I don’t get why people want Taker/Brock

  • Anon

    Punk loses to Cena at NOC

    Cena vs Rock II at RR

    Rock vs Punk WWE Title
    HHH vs Lesnar II
    Cena vs Taker

    1) You run the risk of overkill with “Rock vs Cena II” and “Lesnar vs HHH II”.

    2.) You have an opportunity to create a new all-time great (if you do it right) in Punk if you have him defeat Rock at WM, something not even Cena could do.

    I’m afraid though, that they’ll view this as a “perfect opportunity” to do with Rock/Cena what they did with Hogan/Rock (though, I thought they’d do that at this past WrestleMania too, to be honest).

  • Payasillo

    Undertaker vs Sheamus would be way better than taker vs lesnar

  • Tony A

    Save Lesnar Vs. HHH rematch for WM30

  • Capara

    worst idea ever! This would be the Most boring, predictable wm ever! everyone Knows that cena will not lose twice against rock, Same goes for Trips..

  • coolbeans

    I don’t want to see Lesnar vs Taker at WM. Or vs Triple H. Give us a new match up that hasn’t happened before!

  • trev loves dong

    trev needs to unplug his tv and stop posting shitty match ideas on public forums

  • bb

    fuckin bad idea. i would love to see brock vs undertaker in wm29 .. dumb wwe’s crew’s idea shit.

  • JohnM

    Lol yeah Jerry because the WWE really gives a flying fuck about one internet guy tuning out.

  • jerry

    ps: i think it should be taker vs santino, and santino wins!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’d be awesome and historic. I can see santino doing his trumpet dance now as taker lays sprawled out in the middle of the ring from a cobra attack!!!

  • jerry

    man o man, ive been watching wwe for 30+ years. and im finally, truly, really thinking its come to an end of my viewing and following. Its just all the same. I mean hhh vs lesnar 2? why? there is nothing novel about that? its the same thing,same 2 guys, same match. i could see if say brock turned face and hhh turns heel or something. but the same guys, same match? really? cena/rock 2? what happened to “once in a lifetime”, remember? ONCE IN A LIFETIME! now, that means nothing and once again WWE thinks they can just trick the viewing audience with some more hypey catchy marketing for rock/cena 2, and im not fallin for it. really, im not. i swear for the first time ever, I will NOT rent wrestlemania or go see it somewhere. if these turn out to be the matches, or even anything similar. Im out. so…..wwe you got some creative work to do. Bring back the texas rattlesnake, then we can talk.

  • rabid

    I wasnt a big fan of lesnar and taker at wm.. after the last four years i think it would be a huge step back. Taker vs punk or sheamus could build better and probally be more entertaining

  • Trev

    Cm Punk holds onto the WWE championship until the Royal rumble, looses to the Rock and then goes after the Undertaker. Claiming that’s the only thing he has left to do

    HHH vs Lesnar
    John Cena vs The Rock (WWE title)
    The Undertaker vs CM Punk

  • Sammo

    Bad idea, Trips. Wrestling audiences overwhemlingly want to see Lesnar v Undertaker at Wrestlemania.