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Details on Next Week’s WWE Slammys RAW

WWE announced prior to last night’s Raw that the 2012 Slammy Awards will air live on next week’s show at 8/7 CT on USA Network. And for the first time ever, fans will determine the winner of each “Slammy” exclusively via the WWE App and WWE’s second screen experience, “WWE Active.”


– Superstar of the Year

– Breakout Star of the Year

– Trending Now Award – (Hashtag of the Year)

– Comeback of the Year

– Kiss of the Year

– “Tell me I did NOT just see that” – (The Most Shocking Moment of the Year)

– LOL Moment of the Year

– Match of the Year

  • Mordecai

    Hashtag of the year – #codysmustache.
    Match of the year – HHH/Taker
    LOL moment – Anger Management skits, Mae Young’s hand
    Breakout Star – Ryback, Cesaro, or Sandow
    Superstar of the year – Punk, Ziggler
    Kiss of the year – AJ/Kane
    Shock of the year – Ryback/Shield, Punk/Rock, Cena losing MITB
    Comeback of the year – Lesnar, DX, Legends in the Slater angle


    jindar mahal is star of the year without any doubt
    kiss is between cody rodes and sandow which was censored and not shown on television

  • scooter

    The only two that are guaranteed are Ryback as breakout star and Triple H vs Undertaker for match of the year. Punk won’t win superstar of the year to further the respect storyline.

  • IrishRhyno

    Ryback will be breakout star.Rock/Cena or HHH/Taker will be match of the year.Can see WWE giving Cena/Rock Match of the year.Most shocking moment will be Punk attacking the Rock or Lawlers heart attack.Comeback of the year will either be Bryan(for losing in 18 seconds to being 1/2 of the tag champions) or sadly Cena(Losing to The Rock at wrestlemania then beating Lesnar).Superstar of the year has to be Punk.Most of these are not my opinion but what I think WWE will do.

  • nikki

    cena will win 3 of these i bet

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    breakout star is going to be ryback for sure. Hashtag of the year is definitely gonna be #hugitout

  • Danny

    breakout star is AJ

  • JohnCena33

    Other possibilities might include
    Anger MAnagment Segments for LOL moment
    Kane and AJ for kiss of the year
    Comeback of the year may be Brock or HHH
    Breakout Star could be Bryan

  • Davey Zoo

    Worst raw of the year…. so many potential nominees and I love wrestling, wwe in particular. What do they think potential fans think when they flick onto this shit week in week out?

    Something worth talking about used to happen each week on Raw and Smackdown now we are lucky if anything new happens once every three months. The shield happened and they are great it’s good to see but then you have to back to raw 1000 to see any must see moments, then back another couple of months when Brock came back.

  • JohnCena33

    Superstar of the Year – CM Punk without a doubt

    Breakout Star of the Year – Ryback or Antonio Cesaro

    Kiss of the Year – Cena and AJ

    LOL Moment of the Year – the segement with Khali, Horswoggle and vickie

    Trending Now Award – The Rock

    Comeback of the Year – The Rock or Jerry Lawler

    Most Shocking Moment – Jerry Lawler’s on air heart attack

    Match of the Year Should BE Nominees – HHH vs Taker, Punk vs Jericho from Extreme Rules, Bryan vs Punk MITB, Punk vs Cena from NOC, Sheamus vs Big Show from Hell in a Cell, Cena vs Brock Extreme Rules