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More Details on the WWE Creative Shake-Up

– After Monday’s big creative shake-up at RAW, one source told that the stress of RAW being three hours has finally hit Vince McMahon. The entire weekend built up and imploded on the WWE flight to the West Coast for this week’s TV tapings. Vince had been in a bad mood for several weeks and something happened on that flight that pushed him over the edge. We noted before that a major blow-up with a top WWE star backstage was a major factor.

Brian Gewirtz, who has been demoted to a consultant role, was the Senior Vice President of Creative and had been reporting directly to Vince and Stephanie McMahon. He was recently demoted to the “home team” that stays at WWE headquarters and works on scripts. It’s said he had only showed up to the Stamford offices three or four days a week for the past year. This got him major heat with others.

The head writer for RAW is currently Dave Kapoor, the former Ranjin Singh. Ed Koskey is likely still the head SmackDown writer for now while Eric Pankowski is the overall head writer. Many others have creative input including Michael Hayes.

One source put some of the blame on Stephanie McMahon. He told “The reality is Brian isn’t the real issue or even a band-aid. Stephanie has run this dysfunctionally toxic division for the entire duration of its ratings decline. Her horrendous structure from the committee dynamic to who she fast-tracks and how rigidly the shows are structured are why this product isn’t gangbusters. Plus, three hours is a [disaster].”


  • Devil_Rising

    And THAT, folks, is why you don’t put your daughter in charge, just because she’s your daughter. It’s also why you don’t like your daughter and her “dufus husband” hire a bunch of Hollywood sitcom writers to “write” your wrestling show. Get some old-school WRESTLERS who actually like and understand the business to book the shows, instead of “WRITERS”, and the show would be 100% better. Period.

  • Judge

    Honestly it probably all the stupid filler crap that is causing the show to be rushed… they push down our throats all this nonsense and end up making the actual WRESTLING seem rushed. There’s the replays of last week, hour 1 of the current week, the 8000th video from cena and some lady about breast cancer awareness, another recap of hour 1 this week, the slam of the week, a 45min look back at smackdown last week, another shot of hour 1 of the current week, a lame tout video, some stupid stuff the “ambassador” had to say, another lame tout video…you get the picture by now. They have PLENTY of wrestler that they could easily get rid of all the stupid recaps at least and then the show won’t be rushed. They could easily fill a solid 2 hours and 30 minutes of actual wrestling but they choose to waste time with social media and video recap packages.

    End of rant.

  • evetorres_chin

    Shane was the shit back in the day. He had some crazy moments that i still i remember as a kid

  • Bawb

    Bring back Shane! I know he won’t return, but he was definitely a better influence than the other McMahons.

  • bb

    well pg is garbage, make to pg 14 or so it will more creavties,dummy ass wwe people staff

  • Jerk Factor

    They should at least film Vince flipping out backstage, make a buck out of his rage like they used to in 98.

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    Seems like Stephanie and Vince have no clue what they’re doing… at least Triple H is fixing the tag team division. If Vince’s next creation is Ryback, how long till he basically turns into Batista?