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Details on Recent Changes to the WWE Creative Team

– There have been some significant changes to the WWE creative team lately as Brian Gewirtz is no longer the RAW head writer and Michael Hayes is no longer the SmackDown head writer as both have been moved a step above the head writer position.

Gewirtz’s role now is to give ideas and set up the main direction for both shows, and transmit the ideas Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon have for what they want on the show. Hayes’ new role is to be the guy who also gives ideas for both RAW and SmackDown, but he’s also the guy who oversees the agents and tells them what key things have to be included in TV matches.

David Kapoor (Ranjin Singh) is now the head of RAW as he and his staff put together the scripts, but he is the actual writer. Ed Koskey is now doing the same thing on the SmackDown side. Both Koskey and Kapoor report to Brian Gewirtz, who reports to Stephanie McMahon, who then reports back to Vince McMahon. Hayes will also be working with Vince and Triple H on major show finishes.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Devil_Rising

    They need to fire both Gewritz and Hayes as writers of any sort.

  • Jay EZ

    Actually that setup for who reports to who sounds as bad as the Washington Redskins’ setup.

  • Jay EZ

    Just let Triple H run the entire WWE.

  • venom

    Isn’t Ranjin Singh on Smackdown with Khali?

  • gEtOnMyLeVeL

    I’m leaving the WWE July 17th with CM Punk…. and some dignity.


    What else is new mate

  • ##

    Drugs are bad… mkay

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    You must only watch the horrible red brand. Smackdown gives great matches quite frequently & same with Superstars.

  • Effmenow

    ………And this is why the WWE will never give us great wrestling matches ever, ever, ever again.

  • Robinson

    Shows** not shoes lol

  • Robinson

    Why not just have Stephanie write for the shoes instead of having 1a idea go threw 3 people before it gets to bonnie?!?!