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New Details on WWE’s Legends House Reality TV Show

New information has come out regarding the upcoming “WWE Legends House” reality show that will feature various wrestling legends living under one roof.

Filming begins this week at the Harpo Marx estate in Rancho Mirage near Palm Springs, California, according to the Desert Sun newspaper. WWE recently selected the 2.1 acre property out of six houses they were looking at the area.

The cast of, which is rumored to include legends such as “Mean” Gene Okerlund, Dusty Rhodes, Roddy Piper and the Iron Shiek, will live at the mansion until Saturday, March 31 – the day before WrestleMania 28.

Most of the show will be shot at the house – but the legends will also explore the local community, including golf and hot air balloon outings.

The show was originally announced for the WWE Network, but the Wrestling Observer reports it could air on Syfy due the Network’s launch being delayed.


  • MarcTheTalent

    Hahaha. ^^^^^^^^^^^^.

    This show is gonna be more scripted then wwe is now. Its just gonna be a bunch of old guys playing golf untill the producer tells one of em to hit another.

  • kamala’s foot

    They should scout for old has beens in the TNA locker room.

  • venom

    I hope fights break out during this show. lol.

  • Jason

    C’mon its gonna have the Iron Shiek and yet WWE is PG. It will be a bleep fest and with any luck WWE will release the unedited version down the line.

  • Jeff

    I think it will be an awesome show frankly. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get cancelled because Iron Sheik goes nuts.

  • Sammo

    I can’t see the show attracting a very big audience at all… Non-wrestling fans won’t be intrigued because why would women be interested in a house full of old men?! And surely any men who watch reality TV crap like Big Brother only watch it in the hope that they’re gonna see some female nudity!

    And when it comes to actual wrestling fans… I can only see a minority being mildly interested. I consider myself to be a huge WWE fan, but I genuinely have zero interest in watching it.

    It’s domed to flop spectacularly in my opinion.