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More Details on WWE’s New “Main Event” TV Show Debuting In October

– As noted before, WWE will premiere a new show called WWE Main Event on the ION Television network beginning Wednesday, October 3rd at 8pm EST. The one-hour show will feature WWE Superstars and Divas every Wednesday night.

Word is that the show will be a step up from Superstars, occasionally featuring top Superstars and some of the top storylines from RAW and SmackDown.

WWE will likely be taping Main Event on Tuesday nights before SmackDown.

  • Jimbo

    So this pretty much ensures that the extra hour of raw will be wasted and they’ll put important matches on this new one hour thing that no one will watch. Brilliant.

  • captin obvius

    Why not make a live tv14 show all on its own? hell you could even use smackdown and give us the show we deserve and leave raw the way it is for kids

  • Bill

    Why not just bring back Velocity & Heat?

  • Jedi Master Yoda

    Stupid Idea this is.

  • Automattic

    “It will be a step up from “Superstars,” occasionally featuring top Superstars…by which we mean we’ll have some top Superstars on it for maybe the first two months, and then we’ll just fill it with mid-carders. So it’s pretty much just like “Superstars.” Enjoy!”

    There’s really no benefit to this other than more mid-carders getting to wrestle. It would be ideal for the brand-split to actually mean something again, that way they could just make Superstars and Main Event the new versions of Heat and Velocity. But that’s probably asking too much 🙂

  • Another John

    They said the same thing about Superstars when it premiered on wgn about how top superstars would appear and it would be a mixture of all shows blah blah. Who are they fooling?

  • SYM

    Why can’t WWE just have Main Event be live on Wednsedays? Because if its not live then the ratings will Fall just like WWE Superstar’s did.

  • damkat

    a new show and going to a three hour raw…with the creative team they have we are in for a bumpy ride….i hope they use this as a platform to bring some talent in.