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Brandon Carter, a former offensive tackle for Texas Tech University who WWE signed this year to a developmental contract and now performs under the name TAC, posted a multitude of messages on his Twitter account Saturday criticizing the product of his employer.

As a life-long WWE fan and owner of over 900 action figures, Carter says the company’s shows have been “on repeat” for ten years and that fans deserve change. The football-player-turned-grappler wants to be the one to bring change to WWE, even going as far to put his job on the line.

“I am here to bring change to #wwe to give power to the people instead of telling you what to love #TACRevolution,” he wrote to a fan.

“Not one person in developmental or #wwe have the accolades that I do, yet they act like they are deserved something. #wwe you deserve more! Same generic cookie cutter wrestlers. ONE speaks out and he’s a REVOLUTION starter? Change is coming! #wwe you deserve it! #TAC REVOLUTION.”

Carter continued, “#wwe you deserve a REAL REVOLUTION. A revolution is not taking the mic from @JohnCena FOLLOW ME! I ill bring you to a REVOLUTION! #TAC.

“Everybody is afraid of getting fired and that’s why they play it safe! Thats why what you #wwe fans get is all the same old stuff

“Don’t you #wwe fans want something new? A real revolution? A real change? Demand it. I will lead you #TAC revolution.

“not afraid to get fired. It’s happened before. But if I don’t attempt to make a change in what I love, that means I failed all of you #wwe

“I’m sure right now people are squirming in their seats in Connecticut! But we all know what needs to be done #wwe #TAC revolution follow me!

“Don’t all of you want change?Do you feel like you’ve been watching the same show on repeat since ’02?Get behind me and we will make a change.

“I can’t lower your taxes, or bring you health care. But what I can do is bring change to what you love, #wwe #TACRevolution

“No one will stand up for what they believe in because they are a puppet to the “machine” I have cut my own strings to bring you change! #wwe.”

  • Omar

    Its a work. The way its all phrased almost confirms it.

  • mtlhitman

    Carter is far far far away to be the next big thing he as no revolution plan with him he is that random guy who was told 2 weeks ago probaly he was a great wrestler (to boost is confidence) and he became cocky arrogant and might just sign is ” YOUR FIRED ” paper and will jumpship to wcw wannabe oh sorry i meen Impact Wrestling (tna) and realize how he mess up is chance to be someone and how much he miss wwe salary.

  • Warriors Armpit

    Erm “Bob” – wot guy gets a belly button tattoo?. Hey its not my thing either but a BEAST like Batista got 1…

  • Dave

    I really hope this is a work.
    Because if it’s not. He has probably just talked himself out of a job.

  • no & then!

    I didn’t like how he kept asking “do you want change?”…. yeah dude… we want change… & fries with that!

  • Little Jimmy

    Yeah This will really get him straight onto the main roster…

  • SYM

    Johnny boy will sit on Vince’s lap, cry and he will be fired.

  • Shawn O B

    sounds like the prez. of the US already.

  • ashterk

    I agree somewhat with cc becuz a lot of things wwe start they either don’t finish or jus go on until they realize they don’t work 6 months later. Something tells me he started it and wwe is jus waiting to see where he goes wit it. Or it could be a shoot cuz Brodus Clay did something similar about destroying John Morrison wwe made him delete the tweet and several months later we get the “Funksarous”(I can’t spell funksarous cuz it is not a rl word)

  • nick

    change is coming #firedRevolution

  • Jimbo

    We have been demanding it.

    But Vince’s ego is stroked more when he can pretend that he knows what we like better than we do.

  • http://eh.... Bob

    sounds like a work to me also…another no namer with a freaking belly button tattoo what guy gets one of those anyways? promising to change the wwe universe yea right….

  • Hank Moody

    Thank God, just a random guy. When I saw “developmental wrestler goes off on WWE” I just instinctively assumed it was Dean Ambrose due to his personality.

  • cc

    Sounds like a work to me. Probably all part of some angle that will end up going nowhere.

  • anghellic1

    I like this guy already…

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