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Devon Comments On A Potential WWE Return, Those Who Say He’s Past His Prime

Devon appeared on Hit the Ropes with Shane Howard, Daris Brown and Demetrus Stokes. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

On his contract with TNA and possible return to WWE: “The contract is still valid up until August; this coming August of next year. The fans on Twitter, Facebook, and in general, in the streets and at the house shows, a lot of the fans wanting Bubba and myself to return to the WWE because of the history we have there and what we’ve done and accomplish. I guess with the state of how the WWE is going now where you see a lot guys from our era, the Attitude Era, starting to make their way back slowly but surely, and not to mention they’ve been wanting that for a while, in terms of tag teams…. Could there be a chance we could be back in the WWE? Absolutely. Could there be a chance we stay in TNA? Absolutely.”

On those who say he may be past his prime: “I look at it this way, the only people I’ve heard this from are the people who sit behind computers and can be able to say what should and should not be in professional wrestling and try to call the shots. If that’s the case, they would be some type of writers; some type of personality within the company. As far as I’m concerned, the matches I’ve been having in the singles I’ve been loving it, the fans have been loving it….

“Those people that are on the Internet writing what their writing, it doesn’t bother me. What would bother me would be the people in the arenas. And that’s what I go by…. If I lost a step, if I was grossly overweight, I can see them having a valid point. But when I’m in the ring with AJ, Samoa Joe, and Hernandez, and so forth and so on, and tearing the house down, it’s hard for me to want to be able to listen to those people who are behind the keyboards who are writing this and actually believe what they are saying….”

Devon also comments on his sons doing amateur wrestling and wanting to be pro wrestlers, the female who played his wife in the storyline with The Pope, Team 3-D Academy, working in Japan, his most memorable matches, and more. The full interview can be accessed here.

  • jimbo jones

    Totally agree with you on the older guys being better than the younger guys for the most part. HHH probably would make evan bourne or kofi kingston look like a million bucks. HBK would probably do better than that. As for Devon and Bubba, I would like to see them make a last WWE run if WWE can resurrect the Tag Team division. Bubba or Devon alone would be a special case for the special endeavor police. They would probably still do okay in a thriving tag team division, but without so much of the “PG” stuff.

  • venom

    Yea, I heard Bubba Ray dudley was bad with stiff shots.

  • CC

    Yes Jimbo, but with the exception of maybe the Rock & HHH, most of those guys you mention seriously predate the attitude era.
    Also, HBK has retired and HHH and Taker accept they arent as young as they used to be, hence their part time roles.

    I’d still much rather see matches with Taker, HHH & HBK than a good portion of younger wrestlers as not only can they still go, but they have so much more experience and savvy in the ring that young guys lack.
    You put a shit wrestler in the ring with any of those three, and they will make them look 10 times the wrestler than they really are.
    HHH for a few years, but these days because he doesnt wrestle on a regular basis, he can go all out in the ring when he does wrestle.

    With Devon and Bubba, they were certainly some of the better talent to come out of ECW, but being that they made a career out of stiffing their opposition and hardcore matches, I really struggle to see how they would fit into the current WWE product.

  • jimbo jones

    what i meant by them being “past their prime” was just theyre getting old and their best years have pretty much passed them. I’m not saying theyre bad or can’t wrestle anymore. Most of these guys are in their upper 30s to 40s and in some cases 50s. I dont see Jericho coming back to win 3 or 4 more championships. It took Christian a long time to reach the point he has in his career. Triple H is on the downside of his career, Undertaker is apparently only going to wrestle at Wrestlemania. I’m not saying they suck. Just the fact that theyre getting older, their best years are behind them,and theyre closer to retiring.

  • ironcross

    I’m one of them who says he is fatter then samoa joe and wayyyyy past his prime, get the f off my tv negro

  • CC

    @jimbo jones, sorry but I dont see how everyone who wrestled in the attitude era is past their prime.
    Guys like Christian and Chris Jericho (when he actually wrestles) are as good now as they ever were.

  • JIR

    Just remembered Batista walking around ringside with that offerings box and started to crack up

  • PinkSinCara

    @ Venom

    You need to smoke some weed and relax. And you’re right. WWE doesn’t want tag teams. But Devon can resurrect the Reverend gimmick and return with Deacon Batista. What’s more PG than that? It’ll bring in astronomical ratings. Merchandise sales will trump that of Cena, Orton, and Ryder combined. WM 28 marquee: A match between heaven and hell. Taker vs. Devon

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    @venom LOL You got me.

  • venom


    I was waiting to see how long it would take for you to reply. lol. I think Hogan and Flair should just go away for good.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    @jimbo jones, well said, I totally agree.

  • jimbo jones

    I look at it like this….Sting, Undertaker, Triple H, HBK,The Rock, and pretty much anyone who wrestled in the Attitude Era are past their prime. This does not mean they suck or should retire though. It basically means they’re getting old and their best years are behind them. All of those guys I mentioned above, if not for injury or personal choices, would have great careers today because they’re so over with the crowd. The Dudleys are one of my favorite tag teams. They had a good run and did a lot of things. It’s like Devon said, when the crowd stops chanting your name or booing you or just giving a reaction to what is done in the ring, that’s when it’s time to say enough is enough. Flair and Hogan are way past their prime and basically can’t have great matches anymore. Should they quit? No, not really because they do have more to offer to the wrestling business than just bad matches. They should however, stop wrestling. Neither one can get through a match now without getting injured. But they would probably make good managers or “mouth pieces” because they do still know how to get a reaction from the live audience. So being past your prime is always better than not being relevant anymore!

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    @venom, Heyyy, Heyyyyy? Dont lump me in the same category as pinksincara, Only wrestlers I have ever said were past their prime is Flair and Hogan. In fact I tend more to take up for the wrestlers and the orginizations just as long as it aint tna. You however have accused alot of the wrestlers of being old, overweight, past their prime, drug addicted, etc. etc.

  • venom

    Devon was talking about Tomstonepiledriver and PinkSinCara in this article. I don’t think The Dudleys will come back. WWE doesn’t care about tag teams anymore.