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Devon Reportedly Not The Leader Of Aces and 8s, Preview Turning Point, Sting

– Sunday at Bound for Glory, Devon returned to TNA Wrestling and attacked Bully Ray and Sting, costing them their tag team match against the villainous Aces & 8s stable. As a result, they have earned full access to TNA venues.

With Devon’s surprise attack, many fans have speculated that he is the leader of the nefarious group. According to, he is not the leader of Aces & 8s and “that there is more to come with the storyline.”

– TNA Wrestling has released its promotional video for Turning Point, which takes place Sunday, November 11 from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. The advertisement is centered on Aces and 8s.


  • mtlhitman

    I like this angle and suprise member been devon TNA kept this as a suprise.Luke gallow,Wes Brisco ect will bring new face new match new storyline fresh match up and its an good idea to bring eitheir eric bichop or double J’this is good way to help tna product.We ask for a wwe competition very hard to be a competition this days i still think tna wrestling need a new business man involved to add some cash in so they can buy more equipements go in bigger venu signing bigger stars going often over sea’s’finding bigger spouncers.TNA working hard to get there it ain’t easy trust me,ppv like BFG was a good exemple of what TNA wrestling can bring to the table!

  • luckysalt

    I think they’ll give the impression Devon is the leader for a while until someone else makes a surprise appearence.

    Like with the Ministry in WWE and Taker was leader until it was revealed there was a higher power and it was Vince

  • grizzly

    I hope Devon and his gang takes every title in TNA. They have two druggies holding belts, Jeff Hardy and RVD.

  • loyd

    If all this Aces and 8`s crap aint to bring Eric Bitchoff back. I will be totally surprised and I have to think Hogan is Involved some how.

  • adam

    I still say Double J its been way to long since he has been in tna. Also they need to bring back the king of the mountain match

  • kev

    Tna doesn’t need to have 3d back together. Bully is having a great singles run. The devon swerve was a nice surprise.

  • Pete

    Maybe Bully Ray is the leader and then ray and devon reform team 3d? its unlikely but its an idea.

  • kdogg

    the leader of aces and 8s is j e double f j a double r e double t, jeff jarrett.. when its all said and done.. oops spoiler alert