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Devon Suggests He’s Leaving TNA Wrestling, Bully Ray On The Way Out Too?

Devon, whose contract with TNA Wrestling is reportedly set to expire this week, suggested on Twitter Wednesday evening that he’s parting ways with the organization effective immediately.

The TNA Television Champion wrote, “I would like to thank the tna fans for making the last seven years fun . im sure we will see each other again down the road real soon.

“im ready to see where god bring me to next. i cant wait . i see big thing on the way


It would appear that his departure is due to both parties being unable to reach an agreement on a new contract. He re-tweeted a message stating, “I’ll say this you boys deserve what ever you’re asking for plus 25%.”

Bully Ray, whose contract will also expire this week, suggested on Twitter that he will part ways with the organization in October at Bound For Glory, which takes place in Phoenix, Arizona.

“Dont mattah where ya start..mattahs where ya finish. See ya in Phoenix!! STRONGEST THE LONGEST. #BULLYNATION,” he wrote.

(source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • LVW

    @mtlhitman- Primo

  • Kingablert

    Haha, who isn’t leaving TNA?

  • mtlhitman

    Dudley Boyz , prime time playerz , kofi and r-truth , epico and is partner i forgot is name they had one young tag team from nxt and u have a pretty decent division they need the dudleys back in wwe.

  • Pete


  • Dave

    Another question.
    If his contract is up in a matter of days, what are they going to do with Bully Ray in the Bound For Glory Series. Will he sign a short term extension so they can finish the storyline? Or will they have Aces and Eights take him out before the end and write him out that way?

  • Dave

    Wonder who TNA will put the TV Championship on next?

  • Dave

    I’m with you guys on this one.
    The Dudley Boyz have nothing more to accomplish as a tag team. And given how weakly WWE is booking their tag team division, they could start to get bogged down. They have both proven that they are more than able to hold a good singles match, and they are both in better shape than they have ever been in the wrestling industry. So I’d like to see them come in as singles wrestlers.

  • Sammo


    I was thinking exactly the same thing. I’d much rather see a singles run from Bubba Ray than a Dudleyz reunion.

    I know he’s got a bad reputation with some guys backstage (*cough* Randy Orton *cough*) … But if he can put that can be buried in the past, he’s a talented and decent-sized worker who is in the best physical condition of his career, and he can make anyone he’s in the ring with look good. Feuds with the likes of Sheamus, Kane and Christian would work easy.

    Also, he’s a massively under-appreciated talker. The guy knows really how to work a crowd with the mic.

    That might all sound a bit too gushing… I’m not saying he’s a 10 out of 10 guy… But he’s a solid 7 and WWE could do much worse than rehire him.

  • Shane

    To be honest, I would rather see Bully Ray do his thing as a single competitor (in TNA not WWE cause how would his character work over there) than a Dudley Boyz reunion in WWE. Not saying I would never want to see them reunite, but I in a couple of years down the road it will be good.

  • adam

    I hope they come back to wwe for one last run. Devon get the tables. Also if tna lose devon and bully ray it will be a huge loss. I mean bully is one of there top heels and devon is there tv champion not that that title really means all that much

  • Litahashugeb00bz

    Being back the Dudley boyZZZZZ

  • ant

    i dont think Devon will go to WWE i mean its a possibility but i could also see him in ROH or AAA or maybe even NJPW..the same for Bully Ray

  • PinkSinCara

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Bubba back in WWE. They need a fresh heel, and he’s come into his own in TNA. D-Von can take his over-selling self back home.

  • bb

    im hope they return to wwe and back to 3D dudley boyz

  • d

    sounds like devon is hinting on a wwe return, but could just be using that as leverage in a new deal with tna.