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Diamond Dallas Page Defends Triple H, Talks About His HOF Speech for Jake Roberts and More

– As seen above, Diamond Dallas Page recently spoke with while he was in Ireland. He talked about Jake Roberts, Triple H getting more power in WWE, The Shield, CM Punk and lots more. Below are a few quotes sent to us:

His WWE Hall of Fame induction speech for Jake Roberts:
“Now I know it’s gonna be the strongest shit I’ve ever said and I will have something planned that I’m gonna say. I’ll know what I’m going to say before I go up there, doesn’t mean I’m going to say it!”

Triple H:
“Paul Levesque aka Triple H has been one of the most solid guys I’ve ever met in this business so nobody can talk shit about him around me. You may have your own beef with him, whoever it is but no one who don’t know ain’t got nothing to say about him around me because he’s always been a stand up guy to me.”

Ric Flair:
“I love the guy, I don’t want to have heat with him, fuck that!”

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    except its not. Even guys like Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels started at the bottom and had to earn their spot as top stars and hall of famers, HHH didn’t. He made a career out of burying people

  • Robbie Murphy

    you clown, hhh,hbk, hall and nash admitted they held people back in the mid to late 90’s and early 2000

  • TheFizPop

    YES! ME too! How dare Dallas be pro Triple H, its not like he knows him or has been in the WWE or anything! US, WE the fans know better! We take any and all ‘facts’ written on these sites as gospal, as two bit reporters/copy and paste people, know the truth!!! So glad to be in good company here!

    Next time you’re around the guys backstage, can you please get me some autographs if possible? Thanks man

  • TheFizPop

    Hows the black helicopters and area 51?

  • Kristopher Robinson

    That’s complete Bull Shit man!

  • rabid

    See this is my issue everyone makes mistakes not everybodys perfect so ppl are quick to judge bash and tear into ppl for what they may or may not have done. Like him or not h was a great champion classic matches with rock foley taker angle ect and put asses in seats. Oh no so a relationship with one individual didnt work out. Who cares who he dated or married .. did he not work every raw every smackdown.. ppv that he was able to .. was he not on the shows in a cast and in a wheelchair.. is that no the commitment that the iwc wants from someone… as for the championship pic right now alright let’s be real… bryan is in the perfect position a underdog position when he gets the rub it will seal him a a main event player. Do I agree with orton being the champ no but honestly real talk who else is there batiata just came back punks gone they got cena away from it.. lesnars never around there no one else to get the heel reaction orton gets… now then here’s a question if more ppl wouldve come forward saying how good h is like ddp and the individuals who didn get over the way the thought the would wouldntve complained would y’all be hating.. cuz all I hear hes helping younger talent before shows still makes it to a ton of shows including nxt and spends time down at the pc not to mention the fact that he stepped aside for other talents ands only inring part time

  • Shawn Bronald

    DDP says that because he’s friends with Hall and Nash who just happen to be great friends with Triple H. Friends of friends will always standup for each other. Triple H has buried and destroyed so many guys who weren’t somehow connected with the Kliq. If you have an in, you’re golden.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    I respect DDP always have and always will, but I disagree about HHH in every way.

    He was and is only ever in the business for himself, he was never anywhere near the level Michaels was. He was a glorified jobber (mid card at best) before that nothing more, it was only when he started hanging around with the top guys during that time (Nash/Michaels) and using politics that he got noticed and even then he was still playing second fiddle to Michaels.

    Fast forward to 1999/2000 he drops Chyna (who he was dating at the time) for the bosses daughter and hooks up with her, and all of a sudden he’s a main event player with 12 championship reigns, while also burying others in the process. He’s never earned any of it like Austin, Michaels, Bret Hart and Rock all did, he politicked his way up and once he was there he did the same to stay there. Now he’s at the top he’s still throwing his weight around which is why his BFF’s like Batista (who’s had nothing to do with the business for 4 years and often spoken sh** about it) and Orton are getting the rub.

    Harsh as it may sound its also the truth