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Diamond Dallas Page Reveals Who He Would Come Out Of Retirement To Wrestle

Diamond Dallas Page said during an interview with the Pro Wrestling Torch Livecast that the only wrestler he would come out of retirement to wrestle would be WWE Superstar Randy Orton. Otherwise, he has no interest in returning to the ring as he does not want to risk the quality of his life at the age of 55.

“That’s the only match I would come out of retirement for. I would put my body on the line only to be able to show I could still go. I would take my body to the limits I never thought I could at this age only for that angle, but that’s not going to happen because he’s already beat up all the old men. The only thing I’ll hook him with is he’s killed all the legends but he ain’t killed me yet,” says Page.

The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion considers The Viper the best worker in wrestling today and loves that his finishing maneuver, the RKO, is a variation of the Diamond Cutter. Pages credits John Laurinaitis with introducing him to the Diamond Cutter since the WWE executive was performing the Ace Crusher as his signature maneuver in Japan in the 1990s.

Page also gives his thoughts on John Cena vs. The Rock, his chances of being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ influence on his career, Zack Ryder’s character and push, if he stays in touch with Eric Bischoff and more. The audio interview is available here.

  • Ho Lee Schitt

    wow ddp got the diamond cutter from johnny ace and SCSA got the stunner from ddp. maybe stone cold would be doing a different finisher if it wasnt for johnny ace? funny.

  • JIR

    his match with Christian at WM always brings a smile to my face

  • dashing1

    DDP was one of the most entertaining dudes in WCW. Probably my favorite besides Sting and The Outsiders and Macho oh yeah! Too bad WWE didn’t use him better even though the “it’s a good thing” line with the smile was funny as hell. Doubt WWE will give him this one last match but they should. RKO vs cutter. Bang!

  • xXx

    diamond* damn keyboard fail

  • xXx

    diamong cutter vs RKO would be an awesome finisher vs finisher match

  • Cool Daddy

    oh yea….SELF HIGH FIVE

  • Cool Daddy

    Deep down DDP wants to wrestle one last match. I believe this. Not just to go out the right way, but to be at ease along with his fans. The way DDP aka DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE went out is unacceptable.

  • Bawb

    Giant self-high five for that legend.

  • Bill

    DDP vs. Randy Orton would be awesome! Let’s hope to see it next year at WM!

  • Effmenow

    That’s not a bad thing that’s…….a good thing.

  • Nicholas

    The only legend I want to see Randy Orton face is The Rock. Why because of the family and the history behind it. To me that would be more enjoyable to watch then Cena vs The Rock not that I mind it. It just something tells me Cena is going to be carring the Rock in that match because of the 7 years not being in the ring an that is something I don’t think Cena can do. But Orton learn from the 2 best on how to make the other guy look good at times those guys are Flair and HHH. I just not into all the hype to me Randy Orton vs The Rock a way better match.

  • Hunter

    WCW DDP was awesome.

  • Big T

    Ahh DDP come out just one more time. I would love to see you go out the right way!