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Diamond Dallas Page Talks About Possibilities of WWE Return

Diamond Dallas Page recently told “WrestleShare” podcast that he does not think he will make a return to the ring again in WWE, but because he signed a one-year Legends deal, it’s always a possibility.

“I am part of the company again, just not in the ring I’ve signed my Legends deal. You know, anything can happen over this next year, it’s gonna be a really cool time. I’ve done all the hard work in preparation, and if something comes up along the way then I would definitely be interested in listening to it.”

Page added, “The thing is for me, I wouldn’t just go out there and wrestle, to wrestle, if there was something that made sense, I could do it. Not probably to the same level as I could, say, in the ’90s, but I could come pretty close to that. But, it would be for one run, and that would be it. So I’m not going to waste that run, and I may never do it, and that would be fine with me, ’cause my body feels amazing! [laughs] and I don’t want do anything to screw that up!”

  • he got as big push in wcw by winning the battle royal that earned him his title shot over 2 years later.

    his first main against randy savage was pretty nice work and wwe never let him use the match story of early spots, followed by getting pounded on hitting his high spots in the middle of the opponents domination. Then, when they slowly rise, DDP begins to mount a comeback which is stopped by an aggressive opponent. Then DDP gets hit with a sequence of moves but counters a few strikes and hits another big move or 2 before he nailed his cutter.

    Then when DDP became champion he changed his match style to something like vintage ted dibiase sr, a dominant mean champion (or modern cm punk) who is “sick of it” and unlike normal heel characters becomes personable.

    DDP made it to WWE however was used as a jobber, and was never given the type of story he specializes in telling in the ring. In his feud with the undertaker he kidnapped undertakers wife – typical vince. WCW DDP would have challenged the undertaker to “Make me famous” and after losing 2 raw matches on the way to a ppv, would have “discovered” a weakness in ‘taker to exploit – however at the ppv, the trick falls short of victory.

    This difference between the WCW DDP – a true legend, and WWE DDP was one good gimmick in WWE – “It’s not a bad thing – ITS A GOOD THING!” was patronizing and condescending to the crowd made a fun comedy heel, however similar to the “christan treatment”, DDP was used for jobbing and a funny punch line.

    DDP had several key pushes in WCW, long before “the end” however he was one of the only cases where a wrestler was far better in WCW than WWE. As with others who fell the same fate (public enemy, raven) vince did not want that one to “make it”.

  • Robinson

    I always like ddp, sucks he never got a big push in wwe or in wcw till the end really