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Diaz Willing To Scrap Boxing Match For A Shot At GSP

In a report coming out of, it would appear as if the Strikeforce welterweight champion is ready to put a halt to his boxing aspirations if the UFC is willing to step up and give him a bout with GSP.

Jeff Lacey has signed on the dotted line to face Nick Diaz however it is the Diaz camp that still has to put pen to paper and get the deal finalized.

While, the Strikeforce champs contract allows for his combat sports crossover into boxing, it would appear as if Diaz still has his eyes set on MMA domination. As told to today after the announcement of Lacey’s executed bout agreement, Cesar Gracie said…

“Yes,” Gracie answered when asked if Diaz will sign on to face Lacy. “Unless GSP is offered up as a sacrifice, Nick will fight Lacy.”

The pressure now lies on the UFC’s matchmaking department. Having previously said they will not do any cross-promotional fights with Strikeforce, it is unknown how or if they are going to make a champion vs. champion super-fight to keep one of their biggest stars focused on the sport they promote and out of the realm of boxing.

  • *Nick Diaz, I meant to say.

    @Rucdogg At first I wanted to see that fight too, but ever since he stopped finishing fights and just went on sparring sessions, I just accepted the fact that GSP is mentally neutered. The guy is now too afraid to take a risk in his fights. GSP will either grow his balls back against Nick Diaz or he will be done just like that. I think GSP needs to take a look in the mirror and start having that killer instinct again if he wants that title, “p4p best fighter in the world”, to actually be true.

  • Rucdogg

    Rather see GSP vs Silva.

  • Yes! GSP vs. Nate Diaz! One of these two things will happen. Either GSP totally gets his ass kicked by Diaz or Diaz makes him actually bring the fight and GSP fights the way he did before Matt Serra neutered him.