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DiBiase Leaving WWE?, Ryback Cuts a Promo, Cena & AJ

– The following video aired on last night’s WWE Main Event with Ryback sending a message to Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins:

– Ted DiBiase has put out feelers for acting gigs but reportedly is not interested in moving to Los Angeles. DiBiase is one of the names who have been talking about leaving WWE. Word going around was that he was staying with WWE until the end of the year and then would make a decision about his future.

– The doctrine to stay away from the idea of John Cena and AJ Lee being a couple because of Cena’s photos with Nikki Bella on TMZ ended this past week on RAW. The new idea appears to be to portray AJ as the psycho girl that Cena needs to get away from.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • miked982

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see AJ turn on Cena, there is an undertone when Ziggler talks about AJ that he thinks she should be with him

  • Cboz78

    Soooo…. it’s the same Punk/AJ story from the summer. Nice original ideas there guys.

  • Bill

    Put DiBiase in a tag team with another guys who isn’t being used. Maybe McGullicutty?He’s great in the ring and has a good demeanor, too.

  • False Idol

    MAybe a tornado tag match at TLC? Is it me does anyone else think Ryback has been popping to many pills?!

    Well done WWE for repeating the AJ story again just with a different wrestler! AJ can wrestle and definitely deserves better than the shite she is doing right now!!

  • Zedd

    They should just drop the AJ and Cena storyline completely. And I have yet to see AJ do anything that would really label her a “Psycho”

  • Will Henderson

    i see WWE needs to realized they screwed up bad with AJ Lee and they need to right the wrong, and that is just turn her heel. she needs to turn heel for the sake of the whole angle. at this point, she’s Mickie James before she turned on Trish Stratus back in 2006. it needs to happened, ether have her screw Cena in a match or join forces with Dolph Ziggler.

    and as for Ted, i agree with mtlhitman, TNA is the best place for Ted, WWE held him back big time.

  • scooter

    Great worker who lacked personality getting a few acting jobs might help change that.

  • Butters

    I blame that horrible theme song

  • mtlhitman

    Tna will sign him they need young wrestlers with a good wrestling back ground

  • Mark

    Ever since Legacy split up he has not done anything