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Did Vince’s ECW Announcement Draw?, Who Is Brie Bella Dating?, WWE Star Heading To Turkey

— Last night’s episode of ECW On SyFy featuring Vince McMahon’s major announcement concerning the future of the brand scored a final cable rating of 1.05 (rounding up to 1.1), with 1.413 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research. This is an increase from the 0.9 figure the show has been drawing in recent weeks.

— Nikki Bella noted on her Twitter account that sister Brie is dating Richie Kotzen, a guitarist formerly of the rock bands Poison and Mr. Big.

— Dolph Ziggler noted on his Twitter account that he is heading to Instanbul, Turkey, presumably to promote WWE’s show there in April.

See photo of Chris Jericho’s huge black eye ->

  • HHH

    To Confuesed guy… TNA hasnt got a 0.9 since Kurt Angle joined… WTF is your problem… have youve been under a rock

  • Bodie, Keane and Marcus

    TNA better outside the US? Come one people, where do you live? TNA is not even showed in Latin America, Asia, or most of Europe!! What we have to read here…

  • jim

    actually over the past few weeks tna has been getting around 1.5’s.on another note i can care less who these wrestlers date.geez thats not news its stalking imo.

  • Wellsy

    TNA gets better ratings than RAW outside the US? Does it?

  • Wolf Man

    ya know ECW Would probably do better in an earlier time slot. When it comes on late on Tuesday loses a lot of viewers

  • Confused

    If I remember right TNA only have been getting 0.9. The reason why TNA beats WWE in the UK is cos it on a chanel that most ppl has were raw and smackdown you have to pay more for sky sports

    also it could also have something to do with it just being better

  • HHH

    TNA gets better ratings than that… they get a 1.5

  • Scooter

    hmm TNA gets better ratings than Raw outside the US nuff said here

  • UmutBrasco

    Great Dolph Ziggler comes to my home country !

    The City is called Istanbul and not Instanbul 🙂

    “Merhaba Dolph”

    Welcome Dolph ! 🙂

  • Bodie, Keane and Marcus

    hmm, so ECW being as bad as some people say it was, scored the same rating than TNA… enough said here