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New Direction for Building Talents In WWE Developmental?, Creative News from RAW

– We noted before that there were two scripts written up for the three-hour June 11th RAW Supershow. The one they used featured a lot of Vince McMahon and the one they didn’t used had a lot less Vince and a lot more focus on the wrestlers.

– While some of the best talents in FCW (Seth Rollins, Antonio Cesaro, Kassius Ohno, Dean Ambrose) came from the independent scene, there is a belief that the indy scene is not producing enough talent with WWE potential.

That belief along with Triple H building his management team with people experienced in other sports gives you an idea of his direction with developmental. They are going with the idea that signing top level athletes and teaching them to be wrestlers will develop the kind of marquee guys that can be Superstars.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Soulja17

    Well I guess if Hogan and Dixie can pull their head out of each others asses, then TNA will get all the “wrestlers”, and wwe will get all the crap!

  • Devil_Rising

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes.

    Because obviously, bringing in football players and body builders, and “teaching them wrestling”, is the way to go vs. bringing in guys who were trained in JUST pro wrestling, and have been doing it for years, some of them over a decade or more.

    Cuz yeah, that’s worked out so well in the past. And just look at guys like CM Punk and Bryan Danielson…..they really are terrible. I would far rather have some re-tooled muscular former football player who can barely wrestle…but at least he LOOKS good.

    HHH/Vince are morons. And at this point, yes, I’m comfortable in saying they’re ruining the business. And this is coming from someone who used to be a hardcore WWF fan.

  • scooter

    You think Davey Richards could make it in wwe his promos are bad even by ROH standards also he’d need to learn to stop following the routing reverse psychology method his matches take. Guys who could make it Michael Elgin, Mike Bennett, Jimmy Jacobs, possibly Kevin Steen and without a doubt Tomasso Ciampa. There are probably others I can’t remember but those are my stop guys right now.

  • 1919dpg

    @SYM all the guys i mentioned were top indy talent for years. they all worked the circuit roh, pwg, chikara, czw, etc..

    if the potential talent in the current indy scene is limitless name a few guys who could make it.

  • SYM

    @1919dpg The Fact that you consider ROH the Indies shows how much you know on who has Talent. ROH is Mainstream like WWE & TNA. So you in Fact are Wrong & Talent in the Real Indies is Limitless.

  • 1919dpg

    the indy’s are really thin on talent nowadays. the glory days of indy wrestling have faded.

    the majority of the great indy talent have been signed. Danielson, Punk, Aries, Joe, Hero, Castagnolli, Tyler Black, Daniels, Sydal, and homicide and Mcguiness were signed and left.

    there’s very little top caliber talent out there who could make it in wwe/tna. The Briscoes, Joey Ryan, Davey Richards..

    guys who still need to be signed are the BRISCOE BROTHERS aswell as

  • T-Will

    “WWE Potential” what exactly does that describe? or what is that defined as?

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Mark my words, Floyd Mayweather will be with WWE when he retires from boxing. He will probably sign a deal like Lesnar but he will be there, He even said a while back he would like to join the WWE and with him being Triple H’s ‘buddy’ its likely to happen.

  • scooter

    So far Triple H has signed more indy wrestlers than he has non wrestlers. Facts talk bullshit walks.

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    WOW, are you really missing Laurinaitis?

    I think getting people who have worked outside of wrestling will be better approach as the emphasis on athleticism generally works. Jim Ross had a knack for scouting athletic talents, and have been successful wrestlers.

  • Aiden1990

    Remember the good days when they were called wrestlers and not superstars

  • SYM

    This is why Triple H doesn’t need to be in that position. Atleast Jim Ross & John Laurinitas (when they were EVP’s) were looking for guys who wanted & loved Wrestling. So yes with this “New Direction”, WWE might as well hire Justin Beiber -_-

  • They just need to go back to basics. Working > Writing

    “there is a belief that the indy scene is not producing enough talent with WWE potential.” — What did you think you were doing when you were absorbing all the territories in the early 80s? No shit, reap what you sow. Did you think massive talent influx was gonna last forever WWE? *facepalm*

  • Maxwell

    Might as well hire Justin Bieber. Wait that was a smart comment, but when you think about it, they’d get mega ratings. I guess it wouldnt be so bad if he was a star guest for a raw one time only, and at the end once WWE gets the ratings they want, Goldberg returns, and beats the shit outta him to end the show 😀 SOMEBODY CALL YO MAMA AND SIGN ME UP FOR CREATIVE