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DirecTV Issues Statement Blaming Viacom for Blackout

DirecTV issued this statement in regards to their new deal with Viacom in which they blame Viacom for the Blackout.

Thanks to your patience and support, DIRECTV today entered into a new long-term agreement with Viacom to immediately return all the channels you had previously enjoyed. Plus, as a result of our new deal, you will soon enjoy the freedom to see all your favorite Viacom shows on your computer, tablet or cell phone through our DIRECTV Everywhere platform. Although Viacom had regrettably tried to deny you access to drive a more expensive deal, our focus was always about giving you the absolute best experience at the most reasonable cost.
More details on the agreement can be found on It includes long-term rights to provide Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, BET, Spike, CMT, TV Land and several others so Viacom cannot try to deny you access anytime again soon. Your patience during this unfortunate Viacom blackout has helped to serve notice to every media company that you and our other customers will not be bullied. Hopefully, thanks to your support and others’, we can together make these blackouts a thing of the past.

Thank you again for your patience and support. We know you have a choice among providers and we appreciate you choosing us.

  • Effmenow

    I called them and threatened to swithc too and they gave me Money In The Bank ppv free of charge. Direct TV is the way to go.

  • ##

    I hope everybody got the same thing that I got. I threatened to switch providers and got the NFL package for free this season.I was’nt going to switch cause I don’t really watch the crappy Viacom channels anyways it’s just this whole thing with both Viacom and directv made me upset with both companies.

  • VenomEX

    viacom tried to pull the same bullshit a couple of years ago with comcast, and the same thing happened. somehow, they want to blame the loss of sales though rock band for this #imjustsayn

  • SYM

    Will DirecTV STFU? We got the channels back, don’t ruin it.