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W-E Discussion: Who Should Paul Heyman’s Next Client Be?

It is being teased that Paul Heyman will be adding a third member to his stable, already consisting of the hugely talented CM Punk and all-round destroyed Brock Lesnar.

Who should be the next to go under Heyman’s wing, and why? Join in the discussion on our Facebook Page HERE.

  • Shawn OB

    Brock is destroyed? (Snort)OOOOK. I can’t see anybody on the Raw or SM rosters being a Heyman guy so maybe someone from NXT will come up and join him. I think Punk will turn face and somehow have a falling out with Heyman, therefore pissing off Lesnar which could lead to a feud with the two. NOW I’ve thought of one though. The Big Show. Were they not together before.?

  • nick-hulk


  • Ryback?