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New Diva Debuting Soon, Will Chris Hero Join Partner Claudio Castagnoli in WWE?

– As noted before, WWE has signed former Ring of Honor star Claudio Castagnoli to a developmental deal and he is now working as Antonio Cesaro in FCW.

This has led to speculation about the status of Claudio’s partner Chris Hero. Word is that Hero is still going through the long process of signing a contract. Claudio happened to finish his paperwork and medical clearance ahead of Hero, so he’s began working for WWE already.

Hero is still on WWE’s radar, just going through the signing process. His debut in FCW will most likely happen soon, unless something comes up.

– On a related note, independent women’s wrestler Britani Knight is reportedly beginning with FCW soon under her WWE developmental deal. Knight is currently finishing up independent bookings. She will be appearing at the SHIMMER tapings in early October.

Knight has received several WWE tryouts in the UK over the years and was reported to have signed a deal in April of this year but released a statement online denying it. The 18 year old is from the UK’s famous Knight wrestling family. No word yet when she will debut for FCW but it will be before the end of the year.

Source: PWInsider

  • venom

    I never heard of the Knight family.

  • voice of reason

    i know of the guerrero & hart family but the knight family i havent heard of them

  • renz

    … theres a famous ‘Knight’ wrestling family? never heard of them… must be similar in stature to the harts jst minus the maintsream popularity

  • Starship Pain

    How are they going to call him? Christopher Super? Chris the Hero? Wifebeater? Eddie Vedder?

  • Andy

    “his debut will most likely happen soon, unless something comes up”

    BRAVO. Phenomenal reporting.

  • adam

    Yes hero will be here soon as will colt im pretty sure. Then hopefully the rumors or punk being on cenas team are false. THen it could be punk KOW and colt. I also think rock will screw cenas team which will probably be cena rock triple h and whoever else.

  • poko

    Britani Knight would be a nice addition, IF they allowed her to wrestle. No offense to Knight, but I’m not sure she has the spokes-model image that would allow her to see much success in the WWE. Why do they keep adding Divas anyway, when they have a roster full of unused talent?

  • Effmenow

    They shouldn’t even have to go to FCW. They are more better wrestlers than most of the WWE roster.

  • kamoteng kahoy

    Hope both are signed. Better than most of those clones in FCW specially the divas.