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Diva Possibly Injured At SmackDown Taping, Chat w/Shelly Martinez & Billy Corgan

— Natalya beat Rosa Mendes in a dark match prior to tonight’s SmackDown taping in Roanoke, Virginia. According to an attendee, the match ended so suddenly that he believes one of the participants may have suffered an injury.

— Former WWE talent Shelly Martinez is hosting a live free chat tonight with Billy Corgan of the The Smashing Pumpkins. It takes place tonight at 9:00 p.m. at

Martinez, as well as Raven and Cheerleader Melissa, appear in The Pumpkins’ latest music video.

— WWE Hall of Famer Jesse Ventura appears on the late-night syndicated radio talk show Coast To Coast AM next Tuesday.


  • BigPoppaDaddyCool

    @CC, your my hero, dumb trolls lol

  • ICE

    since we all dont know what we’re talking about i guess they should just remove the comment section all together…smh @ people who cry at the mere fact of having an opinion. its one thing to disagree with someone its another to whine about people even having an opinion quit being a baby.

  • CC

    It was only yesterday that we were told by some fans that Miz was injured on Raw, then were told he wasnt, and that the fans had nothing better to do.
    Maybe its time the reporters started checking their so called insider sources rather than relying on fan reports. This is why I dont believe that most of these insider sources are real.

  • 2ratedrko2

    Fans bitch you idiot, it’s a part of it.

  • 19Fusion91

    Hopefully Natalya isn’t hurt, cuz if she is then thats the second diva that Rosa got hurt in a match.

  • venom

    Divas are eye candy now. Only a couple of them know how to wrestle.

  • Stevie P

    Some source. Noticing the Divas getting hurt more than the actual wrestlers which is funny because Diva matches are what? 2 minutes long? They seriously need to learn how to wrestle.

  • venom

    Maybe it was a squash match. The source doesn’t even know who possibly got hurt?