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Gail Kim announced this afternoon on Twitter that she has quit WWE.

She wrote, “Hey I just wanted every1 to know that I officially quit WWE on monday. So thank u wwe fans! This won’t be the last u see of me. Love u guys.”

She is, however, still listed as a member of the Raw roster on WWE.com.

Amidst the chaos of the opening moments of the No. 1 Contender’s Diva Battle Royal on Monday’s Raw, Kim eliminated herself from the contest by hastily sliding under the bottom rope after striking Alicia Fox. She was then asked to comment on her peculiar action and admitted to leaving the match on purpose. Her reason behind the move was that she “was just checking to see if anyone was paying attention.” She added that no one backstage noticed, calling it “sad,” yet also “very amusing.”

Kim then denied speculation that she was trying to get fired by WWE, writing, “Nooooo I’m not doing my best to get fired. Wrestling websites who like to make up news with their wild imagination…haha don’t believe it.”

  • Tim

    I remember her debut in 2003. I was there. She won the title in her first match. So sad to see where it went from there, and even sadder to see her after she came back. Ya know, the few times we got to see her.

  • sandman


  • TaskMasters’ 3rd cousin twice removed

    @ everyone:
    I am laughing my ass off at 70+% of you commenting on her “release” after it was clearly stated that she quit! Do you people even read the articles? I am guessing you read 3 or 4 words in the article that jump out at you and by then your sweaty hands can’t take it anymore and you have to make a comment. lmao @ the intelligent trolls that comment on every freaking column written…you guys know who you are.

  • poko

    Good for her. I very much hope she and Melina end up in TNA, as they are both extremely talented. Perhaps she did make a bad decision by going back to WWE, but I’m sure there were lots of promises made after her awesome run in TNA to begin with. This could be exactly what the Knockouts division needs.

  • Bill

    Hey, at least it looks like Beth Phoenix & Natalya are leading a movement to revamp the Women’s division.

  • Yespage

    Her release is disappointing, but not nearly as disappointing seeing her in a 8 woman tag match that last 90 seconds.

    But most idiots want “puppies”, not women that can actually wrestle. I miss the very short-lived dynasty days of Jazz, Stratus, Victoria, Lita, and Kim. The third best match in WM 19 was the woman’s title match. Since, it is just a joke.

    It’s too bad Stratus and company can’t develop something for women that can wrestle.

  • Justin


    She’s not the only one to blame for being wasted if it’s Creative/management that has been crap. WWE is probably a thrilling experience and everyone dreams of working there. The audience/fan interaction is supposedly very enjoyable. It’s unfortunate, obviously, that the people running the show are bad at what they do, and she had hoped it would be better. Nothing wrong with that.

  • mark

    this is the release im most disappointed at . She has a lot of talent and was so underused by WWE . wonder where she will go now as TNA and WWE both didnt see her talent. maybe she will go to Japan

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/art1ej art1e

    gail was promised a title & pushes but got nothing because shes not white & she has talent…

    hoping beth & nattie keep the division alive..or wwe invest more time because of those 2…

  • CC

    I really dont have much sympathy for Gail. She knew exactly what WWE was like from when she worked there originally, yet she chose to go back for the pay cheque.
    I’m not knocking her for doing that, as it makes a lot more sense to be paid more even if you know you are never gonna get a huge push, than be a main eventer in TNA and earn peanuts.
    Why I dont feel sympathy is that she only has herself to blame if she feels she is wasting her talent in WWE.

    Maybe she hoped she would make it up the ladder again, but she had to know it was a longshot knowing WWE’s way of using talent.

    Gail is talented, and should have been bigger in WWE than she was, but I hope she has put away enough money while she was working there, as she is gonna be on minimum wage or less in whatever promotion she goes to next.

  • Straight up Wrestling

    Impact welcomes back Gail Kim. Maybe her and Melina become tag champs.

  • shawn

    oh well, maybe these wrestlers who were released were to apathetic to have a career in the wee. gail obviously was so good riddance, but i wanted to see more of her because she didn’t just have more than forgivable coordination in matches, shes a goddess.

  • http://yahoo.com PLW


    The nails are in the coffin.

    *No Women’s Championship
    *No storylines to explain heel and face turns
    *No real competition amongst real wrestles
    *Rushed ass matches
    *Quickie title reigns that last only a month if that!


  • venom

    Looks like the Knockouts Divison is going to get even better.

  • kane

    @ Symbiote, I couldn’t agree more. It’s sad that TNA won’t/can’t pay women more money to preform and WWE doesn’t care about women unless they are Barbie doll. She’s engaged and hopefully will live her life happily ever after without looking back.

  • ##

    What a shame! A good wrestler buried by untalented models who I only watch their matches hoping for a nip or vagina slip. I hope WWE have’nt lost their minds and release Beth after SS or Nattie who both are good WRESTLERS not models.

  • Symbiote

    That’s really too bad! She was one of the best women wrestlers they had on their roster..not to mention smokin’ hot!They keep pushing these barbie dolls that can’t wrestle a match & miss spots constantly. Oh well here’s hoping she makes her way back to TNA.

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