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Divas Respond To WWE Website Article Criticizing The Divas Division

The official WWE website posted a pseudo-shoot article Sunday asking whether the Divas division needs saving from “model” talent such as Kelly Kelly and whether Beth Phoenix and Natalya, the “Divas of Doom,” can be the ones to do it.

Katie Raymond, the author of the article, wrote: “Stinkfaces. Booty poppin’. If you’re a purist about a woman’s place inside the WWE ring, you must be wondering what Fabulous Moolah is thinking looking down on the Divas division. Would the iconic figure chalk up the current flux of the division on changing times, or would she say, “Someone needs to save this”?

“Beth Phoenix and Natalya, the “Divas of Doom,” think so. However, are The Glamazon and third-generation Diva just the two women to call “saviors”?

“First, Brie Bella wins the Divas Championship. Diva purists cringed. Then, Kelly Kelly – who has improved markedly inside the ring – netted the butterfly title. Diva purists started pointing fingers and lashing out. This can’t be happening. Not in a division that has seen the likes of Moolah, Trish Stratus, Lita and Melina bear the Women’s Title. How are these “model” Divas getting their names etched in the history books? Do only “pretty faces” matter?”

Some of the Divas took to Twitter on the topic:

Eve Torres: I’d love to step into the ring whomever wrote this, & c who needs saving. #Iwillbootypopinyourfacethenmakeyoutap

Don’t ever let anyone undermine your hard work, label your character, or set limits to your potential. #BeliEVE!

And trust that that’s not taking anything away from @natbynature or @thebethphoenix. Everyone is equally dedicated to taking the Divas division to the next level!

Kelly Kelly: #divas were just doing what we love, entertaining every week We’ve all worked very hard to get here just wish all this hate would go away.

Nikki Bella: Wow @WWE definitely woke up 2 an embarrassing article you wrote… Well u wanted to know everyone’s thoughts @WWEUniverse, Here’s Nikki B’s

First off…. Um you want me to slap you with all of my awards and championships I have won? I was a #1 athlete… Which other Diva was?

Secondly, Bri & @RealKellyKelly have been the only entertainment that has happened 2 the Diva’s Division & have worked harder than anyone!

Thirdly, I’ve seen 2 girls the past few weeks try as hard as they can to be “models” while us “models” have busted our butts…..

Oh and good luck with the up and coming Divas…. Sure you’ll make a lot of money with them…. Um actually NOT!

Lastly, @RealKellyKelly & Us are better than anyone in the past so Katie Raymond check your self and come read this article to my face! NB

Brie Bella: Wow, I just woke up to the craziness! The words spoken by Katie are laughable, but I’m a women who will stand for what I believe in…so…

I know what I’ve given to the fans and that’s all what matters. WWE might think your a bunch of puppets that are persuaded by their words..

I know how you all feel 🙂 good and bad, I love it! I mean if WWE cared about Divas why do we have such little time on tv?

Why were divas such as Mickey James, Melina and Gail Kim released. Why aren’t wrestlers like Sara Del Ray hired? All amazing!…….

Kelly Kelly and myself have worked to hard to have an unknown, untalented writer say the things she did. Katie (whoever) Suck it! Love Brie

Beth Phoenix: Its not the Divas Division that needs saving, but the WWE Universe. Myself and @NatbyNature are on a mission to make you change your minds..

As long as I can remember I have worked my butt off and been underappreciated while the crowd adores @RealKellyKelly and @EveMarieTorres…

I am tired of looking and being the best and being passed over time and time again. Im done asking for approval. And just getting started

The full article can be accessed here.

  • shawn

    cmon. who’d want to work their asses off for the company and then have earnest complaints about a website article? i like storylines on tv. is twitter mandatory for these wrestlers (yes i still call em wrestlers. their not thespians)?

  • voice of reason

    @ stud dog maattteee who wouldnt

  • StudDog

    ^ ^ ^ Well said.

    I Would not mind getting stink faced by Kelly or booty popped by Eve anytime.

  • voice of reason

    when was the last bra & panties match or bikini match huh, the wwe got rid of these when the brand went all pg but as for the booty poppin & stinkfaces they have been around for decades the divas are just rehashing old ideas & rebranding them for a new market what does the old phrase say “sex sells” so what are the divas supposed to wear burqas these divas have great bodies that they have worked very hard to get & they are proud of their bodies if the evolution of the womans division is seeing divas that looks like blokes because they work out too damned much then i’d rather look at kelly or eve at least they look like real women

  • me

    you whores are there to look hot and roll around together, that is all, deal with it and shut the fuck up.

  • Buttercastle

    Not gunna lie I watch the Divas because they are usually wearing very little clothing and that makes me happy in my bathing suit area. If I was looking for skills in the ring there’s plenty of gentleman wrestlers who entertain in that way.

  • poko

    @Will Henderson

    Your “truth” is what anyone with intelligence would instead call a “massive generalization”–which, in turn, is kind of code for “inane ramblings”.

    People CAN have opinions about the product they are being presented with, and the product they would like to see. There is nothing wrong with that, so please, climb down from your soapbox.

    Now, for the topic at hand.

    The WWE is in an interesting predicament. They moved away from the older wrestling fan in order to open up advertising revenue streams from advertisers who didn’t really want to be associated with the blood and bikini image of the old WWE. However, I think they learned that doing so kind of alienated the 18+ male demographic, which happens to be the demographic most willing to spend money on things like Pay Per View events.

    Now they’re trying to straddle the fence. They want to keep the models in the spot-light because they’re popular with the crowd in general, but they’re also trying to grab the people who want to see quality wrestling by pushing the “Divas of Doom”. If they REALLY wanted to improve the product, then Melina, Mickey James, and Gail Kim would still be there. Brie was absolutely on target with that.

    Finally, though, I’m tired of seeing “we work hard” as a rationale for ANYTHING. Tons of people work hard in all sports and professions, but simply do not have the talent or skill to be at the top. Kudos to anyone who works hard for what they want, but that does not mean they are among the best.

  • i agree, at least they embarrassing the butterfly belt, and not the prestigious women championship belt.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I could live without the attitude era… Personally I’d be quite happy with WWE if they stopped shoving people down our throats and started giving us good storylines. This Punk one is the best in years but they sort of screwed it up by bringing him back only a week after he “left”. As for the Divas… At least the likes of Kelly and the Bellas aren’t defacing the Women’s title. Women’s Championship – Women Wrestlers Butterfly Belt – Models and bimbos.

  • The Man

    Kelly Kelly is horrible, then again most of the divas are except niedhart and phenoix

  • muh boy

    only and idiot would say the division doesnt need saving

  • Will Henderson

    This is WWE doing a IWC only storyline for us, the IWC to make us happy. We the IWC are the ones bad mouthing the Divas, we the IWC are happy that Beth and Natalya are fighting on our behalf, just like CM Punk is standing up for us IWC members for “Speaking his mind”. Truth is WWE knows the IWC is a group or angry pissed off die-hard wrestling fans who hate everything because they are happy unless they bitch about what’s wrong with wrestling today and want it back to the attitude era days.

  • Effmenow

    Come to think of it…..this is a work. But sadly not even a work of this magnitude will *get over* the divas Vince.

    WWE Creative has NO IDEA how to *get over* *superstars*

  • Effmenow

    Sadly i follow all of these bimbos on twitter and saw this shit all morning long.

    There’s only one thing we wanna see the divas in and that’s in the first ever Full Nude Match. That is all.

  • VenomEX

    i hate how twitter makes grown up and mature people sound like 12 year old girls