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X Division Wrestler Granted Release From TNA Wrestling

Sparingly used X Division wrestler Anthony Nese was granted his release from TNA Wrestling on Thursday.

Nese asked organization officials for permission to compete at Pro Wrestling Syndicate’s June 1 online pay-per-view event after being approached with an opportunity to step in the ring with The Great Muta. He was informed that he would not be able to. He then requested his release from the organization, which was granted.

Nese stated on Twitter, “I wanted to be the first to inform everyone that I have requested my release from TNA Wrestling. As a professional wrestler I have many goals and dreams that I work hard to achieve, one of them was to have the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience on national television and I thank TNA Wrestling for providing me with that opportunity. Another goal of mine is to wrestle against some of the top international superstars with the chances to travel the world and work for some of the best international companies that have the best talent in wrestling today.

“I have recently been approached with an opportunity to step in the ring with The Great Muta, a wrestling legend, and one of All Japan Pro Wrestling’s top wrestlers Kai. This is an opportunity that I feel with help me further my goals and career. This event will be provided via IPPV and unfortunately my TNA contract did not allow me to perform on such events. I requested that an exception would be granted given my lack of appearances but was denied. My next action was to request a release as I think it will be in my best interest.

“I would like to thank TNA Wrestling for helping me achieve one of my goals as it is very few in this business that are able to say they have. I would also like to thank all the people that support me as this is just a small chapter coming to an end in my career and I have many more exciting opportunities in my future to come.”

His profile was subsequently removed from

  • prince albert

    Petey williams would have made a good IC champ.. Could have had some classic mid – upper mid – IC title matches…

  • dlb

    good move, if i had the chance to wrestle the great muta and passed on it i would regret it the rest of my life. he can always sign with tna again later on

  • ant

    dude if u wanna see jay lethal as a main eventer i suggest u start watching ring of honor

  • Little Jimmy

    Jay Lethal is the man, He more than deserves another X division run and then a push to the main event . His Flair imation made me enjoy impact, now it’s all serious and it’s like MMA but written by children who can’t make up their minds. It seems everything in TNA is decided via coin toss.

  • rob

    good for him, this guy is a great talent overall. Hope this guy reaches his goals and makes his way into a wwe ring real soon!

  • ant

    smh what a waste of talent i really liked the guy hopefully tna wisens up and brings back petey williams to compete in the x division cuz i miss the canadian destroyer

  • poko

    Yeah, classy way to handle the situation while still looking out for himself. I have a lot more respect for guys like this, as opposed to those who throw a tantrum and burn all their bridges down.

  • scooter

    always good to see a guy act with class and not badmouth a company and actually think of his future.