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Dixie Announces Change for Destination X, Sting’s Attackers, Wrestler Injured Last Night, More

– Bully Ray is now on Twitter at @REALBully5150.

– Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash will be handling the announcing duties for Sunday’s TNA Destination X pay-per-view. This isn’t confirmed but word is that Taz had a family commitment.

– PWInsider has confirmed that the Twitter account belonging to Sting’s mystery attackers is legit. They are teasing that they will be returning to Impact next week.

– The man who competed as Lars Only on Impact last night was NWA Hollywood wrestler Johnny Yuma. Flip Casanova was Flip Kendrick from DGUSA, Evolve and Chikara.

– Dakota Darsow, who competed on Impact last night, suffered a broken nose in his match against Casanova.

– Dixie Carter announced on Twitter that all of the X Division wrestlers who did not qualify for Destination X and lost their qualifiers will be brought back at the pay-per-view for a match. The winner of that match gets the last 8th spot in the X Division tournament.

Source: PWInsider

  • muh boy

    stings attackers are a group working with bobby and they will interfere with the championship match. calling it now

  • Austin

    Rubix to come back!

  • Stockton Joe

    I watched the match, and I saw the botch – or a least A botch when Casanova came off the top rope. It looked ugly. I agree with Lew – it’s wonder he wasn’t hurt worse than he was.

  • ant

    @SYM um Jesse Sorenson and Zema Ion havent been in TNA long enough to really make a difference and Kid Kash has been used in what capacity exactly? and brian kendrick REALLY? the guy was barely utilized so lets see what man really stepped up and made sure the x division didnt completely just die…AUSTIN ARIES, so how about you shut the fuck up instead of being ignorant and disagreeing on something thats a fact moron

  • Lew

    my phone f***** my comment up lol

  • Lew

    I think it casanova had some good moves in his meds but was really wreckless I’m surprised dakota didn’t get hurt worse than that

  • erc

    yeah i wish tna would quit spending alot tv time on hulky. noone cares what hogan has to say. the ratings can touch on that. since tna highest ratings is ko’s why not put them in main event. 3 reason why i still watch tna. talent women wrestlers ko’s 2.tag teams 3. x divison

  • SYM

    @ant Shut up! I was watching TNA last year and Austin Aries was one of the Men who restocked the X Division. For me guys like Jesse Sorenson, Kid Kash, Brian Kendrick, and Zema Ion recreated the X Division. So its Funny how you make a whole paragraph out of False assessment.

  • ant

    funny how people are all happy about the x division after its been dead for so long i mean it took one man austin aries to bring it back like seriously back in the day they had a bunch of x division guys in seperate feuds like aj styles,jerry lynn,low ki,daniels,psycosis,etc

  • Brian Adams (DPW)

    I wished WWE would be serious about their tag teams like TNA is of the X Division.

  • aszman

    i like seeing unknown wrestlers who instead of jobbing squashes, showcase their talents.

  • poko

    They’re really serious about restocking the X Division. That makes me optimistic.