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Dixie Carter Congratulates Flair’s WWE Honor, Sting’s Favorite WWE Wrestler

— TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter congratulated Ric Flair on his record setting second induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, which will take place tonight in Miami, Florida as he is enshrined alongside select members of The Four Horsemen (Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, JJ Dillon and Tully Blanchard).

She wrote, “Proud of Ric Flair and his 2nd WWE HOF induction. Have a great weekend buddy!!! WOOOOOO.”

— Sting said the Twitter feedback of Hulk Hogan being named the General Manager of Impact Wrestling on Thursday has been very positive. He added, “Hulkamania! Greatest of all time! Glad to have you back Brother!”

He was also asked Saturday who his favorite WWE wrestler is and simply stated Randy Orton.

— Sarita is not scheduled for Monday and Tuesday’s Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando, Florida as she will be competing at a CMLL event Monday night in Puebla, Mexico.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    ^ Well written bullshit there my friend.

  • Shawn

    Breaking News: Sting vs Randy Orton has been unofficially confirmed for Wrestlemania 29. As was reported yesterday, Sting’s TNA contract will expire at the end of this year. The night after the Royal Rumble 2013, vignettes will start to air hyping Sting. People may think he will debut against Undertaker, but that is not the case, since Undertaker’s match for next Wrestlemania will be announced tomorrow on Raw (Undertaker vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels). Thus, Sting will debut in WWE at Wrestlemania 29 against Randy Orton.

  • Jon-Jon

    Dixie is woo-ing because Flair took here to space mountain. Allll.. Night… Long….

  • CM Mark

    I wonder what Sting would say if they asked him of all time including wrestlers that are no longer with us?

  • sting

    i band dixie every night….Hulk Hogan s turn now brother!!!

  • Dixie Carter should be Fired as President of TNA, she don’t know shit about the Wrestling business.

  • devontet

    Everyone on TNA says Orton. I like em too. Top 5 to me

  • @ xxfindleyxx ur weird man ha

  • Sting likes Orton smart man

  • karl

    Sting’s character is literally the dumbest man in professional wrestling…


    Lol i wouldn’t buy the mag.. i’d google search it

  • Litahashugeb00bz

    Dixie Carter should pose for playboy to save tna