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Dixie Carter Defends Hulk Hogan Against Critics, Explains What He Means To TNA

Speaking to Fight Club Chicago, TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter defended Hulk Hogan against critics and explained what he means to her organization.

“I think people think he’s just showing up and collecting some big fat paycheck and it couldn’t be further from the truth. This guy, this legend in our business, truly surpasses the word wrestling itself. He is so immersed in our business and helping us grow our business on days he’s not even on shows. He’s driving an hour and a half to sit in on our agents’ meetings and help working with agents and the talent on the night of the show. If we have a pay-per-view and he’s not on it, he’s there. He’s working his tail off,” Carter said.

“And then you have, what does Hulk Hogan bring to a company such as ours and the doors it opens and the visibility it gives and that’s everything. He’s making business calls for us, he’s talking to advertisers, he’s showing up and working Viacom stuff. He’s as vested as you can possibly be and I think he will always be known for so many big big things throughout his career. I am hopeful that this period of his life, even when he’s not in the ring wrestling will be one that fans are so proud of how much he’s giving back to this sport and how much he’s giving back to this sport and how he’s helping these young guys grow and what he’s doing for our industry.”

Carter also discusses Kurt Angle, acquiring mixed martial star King Mo and more. The audio interview is available at

  • eric

    iwc makes up all tna veiwers. tna has 1million viewers at best. hogan has turn off alot viewers. hogan likes to steal spotlight from wrestlers young guys. just like he did yoko and bret at wm9 after there 20 minute match. btw chris only reason hogan is in tna is for a paycheck. hogan doesn’t care about tna or if company lives or dies. he just cares about a paycheck to pay his exwife linda. so linda can get her check each month. if hogan was still married to linda. he would not be in tna. he would be at home. that is fact chris. hogan is broke is in tna for money. pay linda cash each month. that is fact!

  • poko

    “IWC” generalizations are puzzling. There are two consistent common factors in this meaningless grouping: being wrestling fans and having internet access. After that, it’s wide open. Trying to force such a wide range of disparate opinions into some kind of cohesive position is an inane proposition. Just looking at the comments on this website, it’s pretty clear that no two people have the exact same views.

    Arguing against the “IWC” as through it were some kind of official political platform is disingenuous–especially when anyone doing so is technically part of the IWC.

    Argue against the people who disagree with you, not some false, nebulous construction. Railing against the “IWC” is pointless.

  • SYM

    @ant hmmmm indeed indeed but that comment wasn’t directed towards you it was Directed towards those that Act like Hogan didn’t do Shit for the business.

  • Chris

    Ricardo the way you talk makes me think you are in the business? Well said

  • ant

    @Ricardo who the hells sucking up to punk i simply said that i was like him in that i never really liked the Hogan character and i thought he was hugely overrated i was a Randy Savage fan period point blank ,so what the fuck r u talking about?

  • Prince albert

    i stopped reading after the first sentence, she is a retarded piece of shit.

  • Ricardo

    Correction, I meant 4M people and not 4k, which is the estimated audience of WWE Raw in the US. By the way, this number underestimates the total amount of wrestling fans, considering those who don’t watch Raw and those outside the US. According to our resident opinion maker @CC, they are all clogging the Internet with their opinions. I leave it to the rest of you to judge everything @CC says based on this little example.

  • Ricardo

    So according to @CC, “pretty much everyone who watches wrestling shares their thoughts on wrestling on the internet”. Quite a load of crap. So you have 4k people every week commenting wrestling. Yeah, that’s realistic. And then the nonsense keeps coming.

    Some people outside the IWC like Hogan and others don’t. Really? That’s like saying we are all either alive or dead. What an insightful observation. And then presenting the example of a nephew to show how some people outside the IWC also don’t like Hogan (hey, I though he started out by saying everybody was in the IWC… hummm…) is called the fallacy of the argument from personal experience. That isn’t representative.

    And then it’s @Chris who has no idea of reality?

    I don’t mean to keep picking on @CC, but he’s the perfect example of what’s wrong with the IWC. It’s not the idiots who come out here mumbling half words agains Cena and Hogan and sucking up to Punk. They’re just poor followers. What I hate is the IWC opinion makers. It’s these people like @CC who carry around them an aura of knowledge and talk like they’re always right when their speech is full of holes and they’re just as idiotic and biased as the others. @CC’s epic rants against Kurt Angle are a must. Everyone should read them to see how the IWC mindlessly picks on someone and tears him apart.

    The same thing happened to Hogan. So @Chris, yeah, you’re absolutely right.

  • ant

    and my favorite wrestler NOW is Kurt Angle

  • ant

    @SYM im like cm punk i was NEVER a hulkamania guy i liked Randy Savage R.I.P.

  • Justin sane

    20 years ago i liked hogan, but 20 years ago i was 10.

  • SYM

    I love how everytime Hogan’s being discussed the Internet Wrestling Fans on this site hate on him. But 20 years ago THEY LOVED HIM & were Hulkamaniacs.

  • ant

    @Chris man hogan was never that good its just bookers were so far up his ass they put him in the majority of the main events had him win a bunch of titles but too be honest i would rank The Undertaker over hogan any day of the week

  • Chris

    What ever CC, in my mind most IWC fans are sheep and talk out of there ass. Hogan has done more to give back to this business than anyone else, the man broke his back for this business more so than anyone else and people like you who never once stepped into a ring to take a bump talk shit. It pisses me off

  • CC

    @Chris. I think you are somewhat ignorant of the real world. You do realise that the IWC is a large part of the wrestling fanbase, because pretty much everyone who watches wrestling shares their thoughts on wrestling on the internet, whether it be on news sites like this or on their Facebook or twitter etc. Whether you like it or not, theres an internet outside the dirtsheets where people discuss these things. Theres also the real world, where people discuss wrestling at school, work, the pub or at indy promotions etc.
    A lot of people like Hogan, a lot of people dont.
    Just take a look at pre-NWO Hogan in WCW, which was long before the IWC existed. He was pretty much hated by the fans. Yeah, they saw him as the WWF guy and that WCW didnt need him, but its a perfect example of how you dont need the internet to see that he isnt universally liked.

    Hell, its like those people who dont read dirt sheets yet dont like TNA but like WWE. Or those that like TNA and hate WWE. They dont need the internet to tell them what they like.

    My nephew doesnt read the dirt sheets, and my sister rarely uses the internet, but neither of them likes Hogan (the character and the wrestler). They dont need to know what a cunt he is in real life to dislike him, because wrestling fans will always decide who they do and dont like regardless of the internet.

  • Chris

    People like grizz and ant are what is wrong with this business

  • poko


    No offense, but that make zero sense. Seriously? You don’t watch a show because of the GM character? I guess you don’t watch RAW, either? I can’t help but find that really amusing. Personally, I watch TNA for Roode, Storm, Aries, Angle, and Kim, among others. You know, the wrestlers.

    “Oh no! Hulk Hogan was on Impact for 10 minutes! I can’t watch Roode vs. RVD in one of the best matches of the year! Waa!”

    Seriously, man, that’s really cracking me up to think about. I’m not even kidding.

  • grizz

    Dixie is a dumb broad, Hogan adds nothing to the show. That is why myself and some of my friends no longer watch TNA. The day they get rid of Hogan we will be back.


    This just proves how blind Dixie is she can’t even see the horrid state TNA is in

  • shawn

    he helped turn off a lot of fans and they might not tune in at all just for that. just saying.

  • Little Jimmy

    Hogan is to TNA what PastaMania was to the world of fine dining.

  • ant shut up why dont u read a book moron,read the “Rise And Demise Of Wrestling”and they talk about how Hogan wanted the spotlight on himself Eric Bischoff and Nash and Hall,its all freakin documented

  • poko

    I don’t have a problem with Hogan being with TNA, as long as he doesn’t steal the focus from the performers. It’s obvious that he’s still popular with the casual fan from the reaction he gets, so I understand him in the GM role. It looks like they’ve finally gotten that, too, because he didn’t play a part in the last PPV, and he was only at the beginning of the last Impact, and both were really good shows. Let him be a GM and NOT a wrestler, let him talk to advertisers and appear in promotions, and he will be an asset.

  • Chris

    The IWC marks for the most part are the only ones that bash Hogan and they seem to think they know it all about the likes of Hogan and Bischoff but in reality they know next to nothing.

  • ant

    i dont have a problem with Dixies statement my whole thing is dont paint Hogan as this good guy when in WCW he was the biggest asshole the wrestling business has seen