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Dixie Carter Deletes Her JR Diss, Responds to Fan Comment Saying TNA Copies WWE, More

– TNA President Dixie Carter has deleted the tweet where she took a shot at Jim Ross. Here’s what she wrote to a JR parody account:

“@WWEJimRoss @JohnGaburick it’s official. You know as little as the real JR.”

Dixie has made some other questionable tweets lately. One fan wrote that TNA’s ratings are dropping because they copy WWE’s storylines, referring to MVP’s character being similar to Triple H. Dixie replied:

“Holy shitballs! That’s funny. But you have it wrong.”

Another fan wrote that MVP would regret the decisions he was making in the storylines. Dixie deleted her reply some time Friday night but she wrote:


  • Jason Lentini

    She’ll use the Kurt Angle response. My Twitter has hacked.

    Aside from that JR has probably forgotten more than she’ll ever know wrestling wise and well it looks like he still knows quite alot so that shows just how much Dixie knows. Basically JR > Dixie