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Dixie Carter Discusses Possibility of Batista Joining TNA

– During the conference call regarding Muhammed Lawal’s signing with TNA, Dixie Carter was asked about whether Batista could join TNA as part of the new agreement with Bellator to feature wrestlers and MMA fighters under the Spike TV.

Carter said Batista was a “great talent and great wrestling talent,” but said she was only willing to discuss Lawal joining TNA and Bellator at the moment.

  • TomC

    I always have to laugh at the TNA-Hating CHILDREN here who can’t seem to accept a world where WWE is not the only game in town. Must be the cartoonish WWE programming that appeals to their immature mentalities – LMAO !!!

  • JayHawk

    The animal in Tna would be bad I know Tna is more mature but he would be champ in a month drop the title turn heel then face then heel then face in a month then be not at all that is how Tna is. If and when wwe goes more mature then he will come back until the enjoy mason Ryan lol

  • b c Mitchell

    Nick you can’t really blame either of those on TNA. It isn’t TNAs fault that Angle is slowly breaking down physically. Its his age and years of wear and tear on his body that prevent him from performing at the level he did 10 years ago in WWE. Not a lot of guys who perform as well in their late 40s as they did in their 30s. Also not TNAs fault that Flair handles his money like a crack addict. Its Rics fault he married several gold diggers and has never heard of a savings account. They tried to capitalize on name recognition from those stars.

  • rko

    @nick – The only reason Flair returned to wrestling and TNA is because he needed the money. He was dead broke. Can’t blame him for returning based on those circumstances.

  • The Deadman

    @xXx tna cant handle batista lol

  • nick

    Look at Ric Flair. He had a once in a lifetime kind of career, he had this amazing farewell, and retirement, where even stars like taker broke kayfabe to say their goodbyes infront of the world. He could have left the wrestling business on the highest note in his life, and maybe worked with writers, or something backstage, but he went to TNA, which ruined the whole point of his farewell and retirement, and ruined the amazing end of his career.

  • nick

    @ant, i didnt mean it like that, i didnt say tna made a mistake signing him, im trying to say angle made the mistake. In the WWE, he was much more well known around the world,and i hate to say it, but he was one of the best in ring, on mic performers, BEFORE he went to TNA. At the end of the day we all know that more people know what WWE is than the amount of People who know what TNA is. Angle is still known around the world, but with new wrestling fans, they usually watch what the other fans watch, which is WWE, and the ratings prove that. If their watching WWE, they’re not gonna know who Angle is.To prove how much I like Angle, I wish he’d honestly come back into the WWE.

  • Steve

    I love it when someone calls someone else retarded, but they spell it wrong.

  • ant

    @nick…u must be retarted or somethin to say whos kurt angle,let me tell u the two smartest decisions tna ever made as far as signing goes 1.signing kurt angle and 2. Signing Sting,without those two tna would be in the shithole and trust me when i say people ALLLL over the world know who kurt angle is

  • Are you serious Batista = TNA? WTF

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    if he does join, he will have his way with the knockouts that is for sure…
    velvet sky, rosita, sarita, angela love….look out!!You will all be walking funny to the ring within a week!!

  • nick

    if batista actually goes into tna, hes whole career is ruined..just like kurt angle, he was somebody in wwe, and now its like who the fucks angle?

  • xXx

    tna can’t handle bautista’s pyro