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Dixie Carter Discusses Sting Retiring Soon and Hulk Hogan’s TNA Status

– TNA President Dixie Carter recently spoke with The Daily Star to promote TNA’s upcoming UK tour. Here are some highlights:

Sting retiring and his final appearance in the UK:
“In his mind, I think this is his last year as far as the wrestling is concerned. When we booked this, that’s the way he was talking about it – ‘I haven’t played there in a decade, and before I retire I need to come back there and wrestle.’ Based on where he’s at and what he’s saying, barring something extraordinary this is the last time.”

“And for me it’s great to be able to bring him back there. He’s spent such a big part of his career helping to build our company, I’m very proud we can bring him over. It feels very final. It’s going to be an emotional night.”

Hulk Hogan’s status:
“The truth is I haven’t heard from Hulk in a while. He knows what’s going on – he’s a businessman, and he knows that it’s an important date for us. He will be eyeing that very carefully. He’s been gone from the scene. My goal would be to have him there. You’ll be the first to know if he is.”

  • Nicholas G

    @ hulk me up John Cena would wipe the floor with Hogan.

  • Tyler(:

    MJ. shut your fat redneck mouth, you sexist dick.

  • MJ

    You signed him to a 2 year contract and you havent even talked to him what the hell? Your the owner of a wrestling company and you sign eric bishoff who is trying to put over his horrible wrestler of a son and hogan who doesnt do shit to a million dollar 2 year contract which means we have to deal with this shit for 2 years!

    Thank you dixie for all you next to stephine macmahon who made the awful katie vick story are one of the dumbest women that should have never been aloud to be in the wrestling business period!

  • Ron Damon

    “You’ll be the first to know if he is.”
    Of course we would, because you would fail to shut your trap about a “big surprise”.

  • venom


    Sting retired from TNA at least 3 times. The first time I believed he was retiring, after that I don’t believe him. He retired after beating Angle at BFG 07, losing to AJ Styles at BFG 09, and after his tag match in BFG 10.

  • Nicholas

    If I am Dixie Carter I pray that Hulk Hogan stays gone. I mean really what has he done since he got to TNA beside turn more people off then on. To me Hogan is not worth it.

    Now onto one of my all time favorite wrestler future WWE Hall of Famer for sure. Yeah he has never been in WWE which I will always wish he has put won’t hold it agaisnt him. Why because I was a huge WCW fan still miss it to this day. Yeah TNA is a WCW wanabe but it will never be what WCW was to me that is where you had some dam great wresting. But they kill them self by pushing all the old guys not saying it was Sting. I just look at how huge WCW could have been an say they had it. Sting was WCW an this guy has been a class act all the way.

  • Valo487

    So wait, Dixie Carter pays Hulk Hogan and can’t say for certain whether he’ll be there or not? She’s some boss.

  • grizz

    TNA does not need Hogan. Hogan needs TNA. If Hogan does come back I am going to stop watching, I have never liked Hogan.

  • Tombstonepildriver

    I hope and pray that Sting, unlike Flair and Hogan has enough sense to retire and stay retired while we can still respect him.
    Sting is one of my all time favorites and I really think he has enough common sense retire while he still has a great legacy.