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Dixie Carter Interview: Taking a Role on TNA TV, Re-signing Sting and More

– Dixie Carter recently appeared on The Total Nonstop Podcast to promote last night’s iMPACT and here are some highlights, courtesy of PW Torch:

Re-signing Sting for last night’s show:
“We do have one big surprise and I think the thing about surprises is there are very few of them in this business; there’s very few sure things. This is something I’ve worked on and I’ve worked on very hard. To me, this is one of the sure things, for me, in this business. People will have to tune in and see. I hope they are as happy and excited as I am.”

Having a role on TV:
“It’s something I never wanted to do, but I took a tremendous amount of pressure. It’s pretty hard when someone looks at you and says, ‘Okay, if you could be a part of something that maybe makes an impact positively on the company,’ why would you not do that? I think the reason is I didn’t know if I could do it, quite honestly. I think I’ve gone from absolutely not wanting to do it to it’s just more of an evolution of me how I’ve grown in this role since I first started.”

More TNA programming:
“Having more shows on television in the U.S., to me, is a critical element of our growth. It’s hard to compete with two hours of TV against ten or 12 hours of television (from WWE) every week.”

Taking iMPACT on the road:
“We know that it would be important to take Impact out and tour, but when I talk about running this company like a business, I don’t put my head on the pillow every night without thinking about staying in business and turning a profit and giving these great wrestlers and fans a company 10, 15, 20 years from now. And we have to make good business decisions.”

“Touring is extremely expensive. It’s extremely expensive to take a production like we have on the road for television. We have to be smart about it. Yes, we know it’s critical. Yes, we know it’s absolutely the next step in the evolution of TNA… For us to grow, we need to take Impact on the road.”

  • Eric Nixon

    I think TNA needs to stop trying to compete with WWE and start getting a consistently good product. They’re in a great position over the next five years to gain some fans as the Cena marks get older.

  • TomC

    Hopefully she will figure out how to arrange for the financing to start taking IMPACT on the road more and more.

  • Rich

    @Tom C..yeah that north carolina crowd was on fire last night..tna seems like its finally stepping up a little bit..even hogan got booed and the thing i liked is THE FACES GOT CHEERED AND THE HEELS GOT BOOED WHICH IS THE WAY ITS SUPPOSED TO even hogan got booed when he cut a heel promo which i feel like is key if u want to get over as a heel..but yeah they did good for once.

  • TomC

    TNA looked FANTASTIC in an arena last night – the show’s overall visual production value was so much better (save for a couple of the “in between” vinyettes). I don’t pretend to know/understand the costs involved in taking Impact on the road each week, nor do I know what TNA’s current financial status is – but I think Dixie Carter and her team fully understand (as she indicated above) that if TNA is going to grow and consider serious competition for WWE, they need to bring TNA out on the road for their televised programming (both weekly and PPV) more and more.

    I thought last night’s show went very well – and I was happy for the wrestlers to be able to be showcased in the larger arena and get the bigger pops they deserve.