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Dixie Carter Says Magnus is the Future of the Company and the “Real Deal”

– Dixie Carter was recently interviewed by the UK Sun and discussed superstar Magnus. Here is what she had to say:

“Magnus could be the future of our company. He was only 21 when I signed him and I don’t think people realize that because he looked so much more mature than that. He’s really grown. He’s a fabulous talker and his in-ring work has come so far. He’s gorgeous and carries himself like a superstar. Magnus is the real deal.”

  • Pewp

    Dixie is a promoter, never forget that. However she is so bad at “selling lemons” that she couldn’t sell me gold for a dollar. That said, Magnus might make a good NXT wrestler some day with a stupid name like “Bogie BuGee”.

  • Johhny

    Dixie just needs to go away.

  • CC

    Ok, first of all Dixie did not say he “IS THE” future, she said he “COULD BE” the future, which is totally different to what the news headline is saying.
    Secondly, she was interviewed by a UK based news paper, so of course she is gonna big up a UK talent. Its called trying to get a cheap pop.

    Quite honestly, most people here couldnt give two hoots about Magnus.

  • J-J

    Pretty sure they said that about Matt Morgan too. TNA: Where promising careers go to die…