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Dixie Carter on Her Biggest TNA Regret, the Sting-WWE Reports and More

– TNA President Dixie Carter is now answering fan questions on TNA’s website via her Facebook and Twitter accounts. Here are some highlights from the first entry:

Q: do you plan on moving the Impact Zone to somewhere else. I believe that keeping it in Universal is crippling the audience numbers.

Dixie: There are no plans to move the production to another single facility. However, we are excited about taking the iMPACT! taping on the road to Fayetteville, NC on February 24th, and hope to do more iMPACT! tapings from different locations in the future.

Q: What has been the biggest mistake you’ve made so far running TNA? I know the list is long but narrow it to 1 if possible.

Dixie: The move to Monday nights. We have a loyal audience on Thursdays and that move proved that. Even the ratings of the Thursday replay (which did not force viewers to watch on Monday), were as high or higher than the debut telecast.

Q: Can you tell me how you felt when you saw Booker T and Kevin Nash at the Royal Rumble and realized your original plans for “THEY” were screwed?

Dixie: Booker was not available for any MEM angle. Kevin Nash was under contract with TNA and was just recently released for reasons I will not disclose. From the beginning, if we did a MEM angle it would not have been with the original group and it would have been a short-term story to get to something else. To see “THEY” tune in TONIGHT on SPIKE. I’m pretty sure the fans will be happy. I know I am.

Q: what’s the truth about the rumors that Sting has left TNA and joined WWE?!

Dixie: I have read these reports. I would really hate to see that happen.

  • goonderblonggee dang

    man why can’t everyone just love the fact that they can watch wrestling altogether? or do people just have to bash someothing for no reason? Do u guys say College football sucks compared to the NFL? lol lets just watch some wrestling and not give a f u c k who it’s coming from! Who’s with me! (probably a few, but i bet others will bash me for no reason because they think trolling is fun.)Seriously, a guy says, lets enjoy wrestling to bring universal peace, but he’s bashed and cut down. It reminds me of Martin Luther King if it happens. Trying to end a MAJOR problem, but some a s s hole kills him cause his d i c k is too little.

  • jim

    i remember the monday night wars.when fans loved wrestling and didnt care to push one show over the other.monday night was wrestling not not wwe night or wcw night but it was wrestling night.

  • andre lewis

    tom c has the most sense on here like i said ppl who bash tna need to stfu fukk an opinion tna aint going nowhere wwe was nearly wiped out by wcw in 96 thats why bret left wwe wwe couldnt pay his contract some noobs are gonna question me how am i logical motherfukker at least tna is trying wwe being the big show and all its hard being different to the hollywood of pro wrestling douchebagsi use to bash wcw but now i miss wcw and some idiot commented on the whole they angle tna had to rewrite evrything book nash and sting didnt resign with tna leaving tna having to rewrite their whole show but it wasnt that bad if you look at it the promo aj cut was true eric and hogan changed everything in tna look at tna from 2002 til 09 and look at tna last year its like two different companies so all you wwe marks need to stfu and go watch your john cena overcome the odds bullshyt

  • Adam

    LOL, slim’s comments have been erased here too!

  • Adam

    What should be Dixie’s biggest TNA regret besides hiring Hogan and Bischoff? I got two words for ya: Missed opportunities. Not giving Monty Brown the World Title when he was very popular with the crowd; not giving Samoa Joe the World Title when people really wanted to see him become champion, and when he finally became World Champion, it was too late. No one cared, and his World Title reign was a joke paying Jenna Morasca to come to TNA more than they offered for Gail Kim to stay; WWE rejects going over the homegrown talent, which is obvious that fans don’t want to see that; they had a chance to keep LAX hot after Konnan left instead it was “Ehh, let’s put Hector Guerrero and Shelley Martinez as managers for a few months and have them be Tag Team Champions with very very little impact than we first had, thus making the fans think LAX barely exists.” Then there was “They” who turned out to be Immortal, the 6th nWo type angle in TNA that people barely care about. Another thing Dixie should regret; she fails to learn from history: WCW, WWE, and even TNA history.

  • Mistake is her nothing else

    read her bio. Its her. She has no frucking clue what shes doing as far as running a company. Hell if you had daddies money to keep feeding the machine you can stumble and fumble all you want. What a great tax write off for Panda Energy. Maybe the stock holders will get pi&&ed and say something about the bogus business venture they have gone into. wrestling.

    Carter was born in Dallas, Texas. She graduated from The Hockaday School in 1982 and subsequently attended the University of Mississippi, graduating in 1986 with a Bachelor of Business Administration. While a student, Carter was active on the Student Programming Board, and was a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma women’s fraternity. In addition, Carter worked as an intern with Levenson and Hill, a marketing and advertisement firm in the Las Colinas suburb of Dallas, Texas. Upon graduating, Carter became a full-time employee of Levenson and Hill, receiving a promotion to the position of vice president at the age of 27. In 1993, she started her own business in Nashville, focusing primarily on sport and music representation.[1][4][5][6]

    In 2002, the president of Monterey Peninsula Talent (a booking agency) contacted Carter and informed her that Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, a fledgling professional wrestling promotion, required a marketing and publicity outlet. Carter began working with TNA, but, two months later, was informed by Jeff Jarrett (a part-owner of TNA) that a key financial backer (HealthSouth Corporation, which was having financial problems due to its being investigated for accounting irregularities) had withdrawn support from TNA, and that the company was in dire straits as a result.[4]

    Carter, claiming to “[See] the potential in a marketplace that had one company WWE with a $900 million USD market cap and no competitor”, contacted her parents, the owners of Panda Energy International, a Dallas-based energy company. In October 2002, Panda Energy purchased 71% of TNA from the HealthSouth Corporation for $250,000 USD. On October 31, 2002, TNA (which originally traded as “J Sports and Entertainment”) was renamed “TNA Entertainment”.[4][5][7] Carter was appointed president of TNA Entertainment in spring 2003.[2]

    In December 2007, Carter voluntarily appeared before United States Congress to be interviewed regarding professional wrestling in the wake of the Chris Benoit double murder and suicide.[8]

    After making only occasional appearances on pay-per-views, Carter made her first appearance on TNA Impact! on August 27, 2009, interviewing new signee Bobby Lashley.[9] In early 2010, after the debuts of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, Carter became a regular authority figure on Impact!, before losing her on-screen power to the two of them, on the October 14, 2010, edition of Impact!.[10][11] However, Carter would make another appearance on the November 25, 2010 edition of Reaction when, in storyline, she informed Hogan and Bischoff that a judge filed an injunction against the two on behalf of Carter over not having signatory authority.[12]

  • Vinny

    @TomC, the tag division in the 1980’s was the best I think also. Demolition, The Rockers, Hart Foundation and many others were just awesome. Somewhere over time, they forgot about the tag teams. And that sucks because tag team wrestling is very entertaining. To think back to the first ever TLC match compared to Santino and Koslov is a joke.

    oh God, I hate Santino Morella.

  • Vincent

    Why was my comment deleted? It was a perfectly logical and inoffensive comment. However, looking above…

    “So you didn’t think WCW was good in its heyday? It was always pg. It’s not the pg killing WWE, it’s the lame *** stories and 4 minute matches.”……..swearing which you hate, allegedly…

    “lol….tomc….you sir have nothing better to do then sit on a website all day….get out, get some sun, and try some pu.ssy”………swearing again AND insulting other posters…

    “TomC, does your diva girlfriend suck good ****? Maybe Vince would hire her.”……swearing and insulting a poster’s LOVED ONES!

    Yet you delete my comment regarding how TNA’s booking of “THEY” is illogical? How messed up are your priorities?

  • TomC

    Hogan/Flair, perhaps . . . But certainly not Hardy or Anderson.

    I really wish Scott Hall and Sean Waltman weren’t such screw-ups … they could have really contributed to the overall brand.

  • Jason

    her biggest mistake is bringing in hogan and crew.

  • TomC

    Uno … TNA has young/newer talent – i.e. AJ Styles, Sabin, Shelly, lethal, Amazing Red, Generation Me, Robert Rude, James Storm, Kaz, Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan, Jesse Neal, Brian Kendrick, Those two “security guard” morons, etc.

    It’s a matter of how they are used/pushed . . . some work, some don’t. Drew McIntyre was working for a time, but now he’s fairly insignificant. Same with Jack Swagger, Evan Bourne, The Usos. The problem with how WWE handles it’s newer talent is that it’s the same ole’ same ole’ week after week after week. There’s no classic conflicts of significance any more. Even when WWE tries to create a conflict storyline, it’s over in like 2-4 weeks (i.e. Cena/Punk, Show/Nexus, Orton/Anybody, Miz/Anybody, etc.

    Writing IN GENERAL is static in mainstream professional wrestling.

  • Vincent

    Um, ANDRE LEWIS, I have to ask…how was it logical?

    Crimson was beating on AJ Styles and screaming at him that “THEY” were coming. So how is it remotely logical that AJ Styles was actually one of “THEY”?

    Please answer because I am sure I would find your answer riveting.

  • In Grind We Crust

    TNA is for geeks and virgins. END IT!

  • TomC

    Not only the IC Title, but the WWF Tag Team Titles used to mean something as well – and there used to be some FANTASTIC Tag Team grudge situations (do you remember Hammer/Beefecake, The Islanders, The CanAm Connection, The Killer Bees, Strike Force, Demolition, Road Warriors/Legion of Doom?). What happened to the WWE and their attitude toward an ACTUAL tag team division? (I’m sorry, Santino may be entertaining, but the Santino/Koslov paring is an absolute JOKE).

    See, THAT is what I miss from the “glory days” of the WWF – less emphasis on “entertainment/comedy” and more emphasis on the conflicts/storylines – because THAT’S where the entertainment comes from in professional wrestling.

  • Uno Cero

    WWE brought in Booker, Nash, and possibly Sting because they have so much youth in the organization. Most of their budding stars don’t have that veteran guidance. So many tops guys have left the company and will leave because they’re aging. The reason why TNA can’t realistically challenge WWE is because they don’t attempt to develop their own talent, they just take the leftovers of WWE. While WWE bringing in Nash and Booker isn’t the same since they kinda had them first. If I remember correctly, those guys made their careers in WWE first, left, then came back. Totally different in my opinion.

    Also, you can’t really say the two are competing, cause WWE is more acceptable in a family environment, while TNA is more for teenagers and adults. It isn’t a competition because they’re two totally different styles of wrestling. It’s like trying to compare college football with the NFL, same concept, but two different kinds of games. WWE became PG to become more socially acceptable, rather than a sideshow full of blood and sex. That doesn’t make it right, I prefer the TV-14 stuff they were doing before, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t work for them.

    We should just be patient until these guys develop into stars. In a few years, WWE could very well be putting on amazing shows when they’ve developed lots of stars. On the other hand, TNA isn’t as bad as people think. It isn’t competition for WWE because they’re too different. If TNA went to the same format as WWE, they could realistically compete. But right now, they’re not playing the same game.

  • Rich

    @Vinny..yeah i agree with what u said but i kinda like the money in the bank,fatal 4 way,and elimination chamber ppv…i like new concept ppvs but i do agree with what u said about the intercontinental championship..also i am very down on alberto winning the rumble instead of christian or sheamus or drew mcintyre..wwe pushes new talent way to quickly…the difference between sheamus and alberto is sheamus just has the “it factor” ya know like i like sheamus cuz he takes wrestlers to the limit..the only person alberto can take to the limit is rey mysterio..or they should have had morrison win it but vince dosent really like morrison so its always about politics(another problem in the wwe)…but i yeah the wwe does things wrong too as well as tna..theres pros and cons too both organizations

  • Rich

    @Tom C..ok did u not just read what i posted right above u..thats called constructive criticism..i’m glad that tna is rebuilding the x division but they also need to not forget about the tag team division..i also have a problem with tna not putting jeff hardy in the ring with rvd and why the hell is abyss scheduled to come back before lockdown..if i had a freakin nailed 2 x 4 in my spine i would be out in that case vacate the TNA Television Championship and give it to Crimson or Steiner or have AJ Styles win it back

  • Vinny

    @TomC, I agree with some of the things you’ve mentioned. The IC title, for one. Your right, there was a time when that title was the 2nd most important title in WWE.

    The only other issues I have with WWE is that they want to change PPV’s that established them in the first place. They wanna change Survivor Series? why? no need, just revamp it with a ‘war games’ twist and there you have it. The other issue I have is the tag team division… if I could even call it a division. BUT, WWE had that same tag team problem before back in 1995-1996 if you remember? Skip and Zip? LOL…

    I always come on here and praise WWE but I’ll also tell you what I see wrong as well. I really wish I could relay some of my ideas/concerns to WWE creative or whoever about those things I said above. I too hope Nash and Booker have great roles. They obviously signed for long term, so we’ll see what happens I guess.

  • TomC

    I never said I didn’t respect WWE … I have just been VERY disappointed and frustrated with how cocky Vince McMahon gets when he thinks he can’t be touched and or there is no threat. THIS is exactly the kind of laissez-faire attitude that allowed WCW to overtake WWE in the 90’s … and it could very well happen again.

    Now, in saying that, I will say that IF the WWE creative team figures out a way to use Kevin Nash and Booker T to create some compelling conflicts and matches, then I will be pleased … it’s what WWE NEEDS right now. Do you remember what truly made WWF great int he 80’s and really propelled them – it was the conflicts/storylines, the grudge stories/matches, the feeling of “seriousness” of the situations. There really hasn’t been too much of that within the WWE since the days of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock an early Chris Jericho (The Jericho/HBK fued was pretty good, in my opinion).

    I also miss the importance the Intercontinental Title used to have within the WWF. There was a time when it was almost as important as the Heavyweight Title. Not any more. In fact, I’ll bet that many people couldn’t tell you who the IC Champ IS today.

    The WWE has turned the U.S. Title into an absolute joke.

    And I’m sorry, but the “DIVAS” title? Don’t you think that the women’s division (for what it’s worth) had a bit more legitimacy when it was just the WWE Womens’ Championship?

    Believe me, I do not think that TNA is doing everything right – but I do think they are doing SOME things right (with A LOT of work and room for improvement needed). I don’t rip on those who LEGITIMATELY and CONSTRUCTIVELY criticize TNA, but the repetitive “TNA Sucks/WWE Rules” or “TNA will be gone in a year” is just downright STUPID.

  • Rich

    That move to monday nights was bad for far as tna’s product i feel like they have to scramble to create a randomly putting hernandez in immortal and then having fortune turn on immortal when they’ve done some of the heelish things ever over the last couple of months..i mean i could see them getting all the belts so that they have leverage and then preventing hardy from getting the belt so that he dosent get the tna world heavyweight title but HELLO..Abyss still has the TNA Television Championship so somebody has to take that off of him.

  • Joe Piscapo

    “I know the list is long but narrow it to 1 if possible.”

    Cot damn lmao.

  • Vinny

    @TomC, you don’t have to rip on everyone that likes WWE. I’ve grown up with WWE programming for over 25 years, as Im sure others here have as well. You see, Tom, I don’t have to rip WWE just becaue they’re #1 in the industry. I don’t look at WWE like that. I look at them with respect because of the McMahon family and how much they put into the wrestling business.

    You like TNA more because they’re the underdog, right? Well it wasn’t that long ago when WWE was the underdog battling WCW. I respect and appreciate how WWE made it “thru the storm”, so to speak. Add that with the fact WWE has been entertaining me for over 25 years, and you’ll see why people like me appreciate the WWE product.

  • TomC

    What hilarious irony from “raw gm” . . . look who has nothing better to do than be antagonistic in an exchange he’s not involved in.

    As for your last comment, obviously you haven’t seen my fiance – who could BE a DIVA, KNOCKOUT or NITRO GIRL.

    Enjoy your weekend with your boyfriend, scooter.

  • Adam

    @slim He’s made a very good video called “An Open Letter to TNA: The Final TNA Rant”, talking about all the problems of TNA and all the opportunities TNA has missed over the years.

  • raw gm

    lol….tomc….you sir have nothing better to do then sit on a website all day….get out, get some sun, and try some pu.ssy

  • Adam

    @slim Do you watch Truthslayer’s YouTube videos? Because you do say a little bit of information on what he said in the past, even with WCW Nitro back when they started being PG. The man is very intelligent when it comes to wrestling. If you’ve never heard of him, his account is TSlay1974.

  • TomC

    You are SO intellectually immature … did I say “EVERY” match? – NO

    You have obviously been masturbating to the WWE for quite some time – living in your Mom’s house 9which you likely still do) and hating anything/everything that is not WWE.

    Tell you what, you go on and continue to sleep with your John Cena dolls and your posters of The Spirit Squad on your walls.

  • TomC

    WCW was not “PG” – they bloodied up PLENTY, had the sexy Nitro Girls bumping-and-grinding, had PLENTY of trash talkin,” AND they mixed the recognizable personalities with the new up-and-comers. (Care to take a gander at where Chris Jericho came up in the ranks?) Remember, WCW was what became of the old NWA – with the likes of Ric Flair, Sting, Lex Lugar, The Steiner Bros, The Road Warriors, The Four Horsemen, etc.)

    I DO agree with you about WWE’s piss poor writing – but the restrictions on the writers comes from the “big man’s” edict for the “PG” programming. WWE is most popular when the writers and wrestlers are less restricted in what they can do and say (i.e. chair shots, weapons, showing some blood, a little cussing here and there, etc.

    Also, the “Divas” are an absolute JOKE.

    TNA goes back and forth – there was some potentially good grudge-match storylines going on with RVD & Jeff Hardy, but for whatever reason, TNA dropped the ball. I also liked the EV2 conflicts, but they let that go too. It seems like TNA is far to quick to change their direction/momentum – and it’s hard to understand WHY.

  • TomC

    What is truly amazing is the pathetic way people continue to bash TNA in favor of WWE. NEWSFLASH – TNA has been around for nearly 10 years now and is not showing any signs of letting up now.

    WWE will ALWAYS be the pro-wrestling powerhouse in terms of name recognition. They have the history and they have the money. That DOES NOT mean they always have the better product – as was demonstrated when WCW overtook WWE int he mid 90’s.

    WWE is far too full of themselves and think they can do whatever they want and people will just bend over and take it. CLEARLY, they have now seen this is not the case (with their recent pathetic “PG” programming) – and are actually taking a page out of TNA’s playbook and bringing in FAN FAVORITES to try to re-boost their audiences and PPV buy rate.

  • Ronald

    She says she’d hate to see Sting in WWE. Why? You don’t want him to have success? He was rotting away in TNA. He deserves to have one last moment of glory in front of people, which he has not had the last 9 years. Seriously, Dixie, get a clue (go to Costco, you should probably stock up). Truly, truly amazing.

  • People who bash tna have every right to, it’s called an opinion.

  • andre lewis

    ppl who bash tna need to stfu the they angle was actually logical if you look at it from a storyline perspective booker nash and sting left tna forcing tna to rewrite impact it was very well done and the promo aj cut was epic and true thats how most internet fans have felt the past year with hogan and bytchoff so it was good in my view

  • Vinny

    I don’t know what to think from this interview. Carter gave some real bogus answers, especially to the Sting question.

  • TomC

    Yah, slim … TNA must really such … especially since WWE is now FOLLOWING the TNA model of bringing in/back FAN FAVORITES.

    Some of you WWE plants and brown-nosers are such ridiculous hypocrites and intellectual infants.

  • CC

    I just love the guy who asked the question about her biggest mistake, and followed on with “I know the list is long”.

    As for her answer about They, nobody believes you Dixie. In fact, I’m not even sure you believe you, thats how stupid you are.

  • bloodstone

    i myself thinks she full of bull spit