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Dixie Carter Puts Over Sting, Recent TNA Attendance, Hogan Update

– Here are some recent TNA attendance figures:

* July 28th in Austin, TX drew 1,000 fans.

* July 29th in Tyler, TX drew 750 fans.

* July 30th in Houston, TX drew 800 fans, less than half of what TNA drew when they ran the same building last year.

– Hulk Hogan is in Los Angeles this week shooting new commercials for Rent-A-Center.

– Dixie Carter was at the recent set of TNA Impact Wrestling tapings bragging on Sting in his new Joker-like role. Dixie was telling everyone how great it is that Sting has been able to re-invent himself at this stage of his career, and how everyone in the locker room should learn from.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Valo487

    Even if this wasn’t a blatant rip off, it’s still embarassing to watch. Try harder Dixie.

  • Shawn

    And by ‘reinvent’ she means totally ripoff some other guys gimmick. Nice, Dixie, real nice.

  • Stumpy

    @ Venom: I think the indy shows draw more paid attendance. Either they have a really rich silent partner or there is something they are not telling the public that is keeping TNA above water.

  • venom

    Those attendance figures are dangerously low. I am okay with Sting reinventing himself, but it’s strange at this late in his career to do that.

  • JIR

    the next time Sting “re-invents” himself he will be Orgasmo the mormon porn star

  • Stumpy

    Those attendance figures are shameful. How can they justify and afford the travel? I give them another year or two at the most before they check out of the industry.

  • Sam Peters

    He stole it from Krimson

    after he sent TNA vids of him because d-lo brown told him too so they took his name changed it to a C (Crimson)and took his gimmick

    ahows how sad TNA are and the fact they couldnt come up with there own idea

  • Jake

    My high school football games draw more than TNA

  • Kris

    Personally,I enjoy it,Just cuz its at least soemthing fresh on there.Instead of jsut, Immortal, loses opening matches, lsoer bitches, rematch and they all run in and beat him up whiel ref is distracted, knocked out,etc.

  • Symbiote

    His “Joker” gimmick is just annoying!!!!

  • Nicholas G

    Yeah Dixie keep telling yourself how great Sting is doing an I am sure some day you will believe it. Like I said many times there is just nothing new or exciting happening in TNA. If you ask me the gimmick Sting is doing right should have gone to a younger talent. But yet again Sting is another one of these long list of old wrestler trying to relive the glory days an it sad. I am a big Sting fan but just not interest in watching anything TNA has to show.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Next time he “reinvents” himself, he will be The Violator from Spawn.

  • Sipeli

    Oh f*ck off Dixie. There are sooo many things wrong with that comment its not even funny. Theres a difference between re-inventing yourself and just being flat out embarrassing.

    Watch Impact off their youtube account, and pick the things you would seem to like, it cuts out all the bullsh*t and makes the whole thing a lot more enjoyable IMO.

  • al

    Sting’s two favorte movies. Dark Knight, and The Crow

  • Snark Mark

    Dixie to the TNA Boys, “Alright fellas, go home and watch your favorite movie. Tomorrow we’re gonna meet back here and just plagiarize the shit out of copy written material”