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Dixie Carter Responds to Fan Criticism Over The Wolves’ Debut, JR Comments on Impact Opener

– Jim Ross tweeted the following in response to the opening segment on Thursday’s Genesis themed episode of Impact Wrestling:

“Bad acting & too many promos especially those out of eye shot of a live audience are a kiss of death in pro wrestling.”

– Dixie Carter has been receiving heat from fans over Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards not wrestling for the first two weeks of their TNA runs. We noted before that the decision was made to not have them wrestle yet so they can play a role in the new “investor” storyline. Dixie tweeted the following about The Wolves:

“All I said was I was bringing in new talent. I did. #TheWolves may be great but they did NOT win me over by their actions.”

“offered #TheWolves a tryout match. They signed some contract w/this “investor”. Not smart. I pulled offer until lawyers handle”

  • Dan

    I bet Sting will end up being the investor

  • CC

    She seriously does not have a clue. I hope she likes playing her inept boss role on tv, but theres a problem when you realise its not actually a character.

  • nobody

    The last “investors” were what, Mick Foley then Hulk Hogan? Either way, it will be really lame.

  • Demandred

    Shut up, Dixie.