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Dixie Carter Responds to the X Division Rumors, Future Plans

– TNA President Dixie Carter wrote the following on Twitter today in response to the Pro Wrestling Torch report that TNA officials were considering doing away with the X Division:

“Not sure where you’ve heard the X Division is going away but it’s not true at all. I’m working to beef it up with both familiar & new faces.”

Furthermore, PWInsider reports that TNA officials are working on something for later this year that will better spotlight the X Division.

  • RCA

    If that last line of Dixie’s statement actually happens, if she sticks to her word, TNA would actually be 10x times better.

  • Juggalo

    I actually agree with the general sentiment. Lately the x division has sucked. But it was also awesome at one point in time >.< I think bringing Kaval-Low Ki back to TNA is the first big thing they need to do to make that division get back to power. Also Christopher Daniels to get that old school TNA feeling back. And if I wanted them to bring anyone new in just for that, it would have to be with no other option, Shelton Benjamin.

  • Soulshroude

    The X-Division is the only thing TNA has going for it (cruiser weight) at the moment.

  • Valo487

    They need to brand the X-Division as being important in its own right, they’ve been doing the WWE/WCW move recently where the X-Division title and its competitors are somehow inferior to the main event guys, but considering the division is supposed to be unique from all TNA’s other titles, the crowning of a new X-Division champion should be seen as almost equal to a new world champion, and not just a stepping stone to something “important.”

  • charlemange

    I think that the X division is bad right now because they have what 3 guys left Kaz, Lethal, and Red ( I dont even count Robbie E). The only people that I could see them bringing in from WWE are Kaval( Senshi) and if they wanted him they could have gotten Gregory Helms like a few months ago. They need to add El Generico and TJ Perkins and Kaval that would be a start. and two or three of the smaller AAA guys. I think that they moved the Destination X PPV to July because thats when they will probably have their plans put together.

  • kamoteng kahoy

    thank god tna ain’t getting rid of it. it gives smaller guys a chance to shine.

  • effmenow

    Satan obviously doesnt have a brain…

    Give the X-Division their own show already!

  • pmz

    The x division will change to the ex division consisting of ex wwe stars or has beens rather than talented high fliers n true x division stars

  • Satan

    I would rather them get rid of the X-Division completely than continue it because what they have been doing to it lately it’s pretty much already dead

  • venom

    Dixie will hire MVP, Helms, and other washed up guys. That will be her X Division.

  • Juggalo

    Thank gawd. Cause I was seriously considering stabbing someone.