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Dixie Carter Says 3-Hour Special Is “First Shot” At WWE, Crew Return From Iraq

– TNA President Dixie Carter posted the following message via her twitter page:

“Hogan to debut Jan 4 in a live 3 hr iMPACT! special up against Raw. How’s that for a 1st shot? Spread the word.”

  • cody

    TNA really needs to not worry about taking the first “shot” They instead need to be worried about making there own product. Maybe they will finally see that when Hogan brings in all of his old buddies and they get obliterated in the ratings. TNA is barely able to get a 1.5 on a Thursday that is unopposed. They have almost zero chance of doing better than a 1.0 on a Monday. TNA needs to pull there heads out of there asses because they are nowhere near ready for Monday nights.

  • mike

    TNA has no chance in hell of beating the WWE. I mean really, It’s turning into WCW but the has beens are already washed up.

  • Derp

    Yeah, there’s no NFL game that night. College Bowl game though.

  • Jack

    true wrestling fans watch good wrestling. wwe got nothing. Some British nobody vs Cena, that’s the main event at TLC?

  • Kris

    If the Rock is truly going to host that night,,then WWE just strapped on a kevlar vest to resist that first shot…lol

  • Nicky B

    I think everyone is looking at ratings a bit too much.This isn’t ’96.

    In the age of DVR and TiVo,ratings don’t mean what they used to.That said,I’ll be watching TNA and DVR’ing RAW.

  • Chris E

    I remember when WCW was going head to head with WWE and winning, but the guys that were pulling in the viewers were the likes of Hogan, Savage, Nash, Hall. I was only tuning in to see the likes of Benoit, Norton, Saturn, Geurrero, Page, Booker.
    When any promotion says they want to attain what WWE has, it will always be at the expense of the fan that enjoys true wrestling.

  • Jon

    The last game of MNF is usually during christmas, so I don’t think there a game that night but college bowl games are on.

    TNA will never win aginist WWE, even if Hogan there, I bet Vince is pushing The Rock to be the guest host. TNA only hope is convence Shane McMahon is co-owned them but I don’t think he interested.

  • scooter

    tnas on at same time as smackdown and always wins in ratings so if the rock is not hosting it could go either way

  • isaac

    This is a waste of time by TNA because people are going to be watching Raw, and The Rock might be hosting. And I’m not sure if theres Monday Night Football.

  • Paton

    I haven’t been keeping up as much lately, Is The Rock confirmed? If he has then thats the “first shot” ruined

  • Valentine

    Lets really think about this for a second: WWE Raw vs. Pro-Football game vs. 3 hour TNA Special of Hulk Hogan? So your viewers already have a three topic line up to watch and depending on importance its going to be a ‘I’m watching this program’. I dont think this was a wise move on TNA’s Dixie Carter to say ‘How’s that for a 1st shot?’ I hate to break it to you but TNA’s ‘1st shot’ was getting Kurt Angle to come over and that really hasnt pull that many over to the cause. When it comes down to wrestling its really “The Debut of Hulk Hogan in TNA” vs. The Rock hosting Raw. I’m going to be watching Raw, not because I’m giving the bird to TNA its because of Hulk Hogan, his name is to far spread and with all the bad press he has been getting I dont think many viewers are going to want to tune into that. How many years has it been since ‘The Great One’ was on WWE programing? I couldnt even tell you. WrestlMania when he beat Austin? Or when He and Mick Foley took on Evolution? The bottom line is that Hulk Hogan has too much bad press to pull in a ‘WWE Type’ audiance were as The Rock, people will tune in just to see his intro…”IF YOU SMELL (BUM BUM) What the Rock (bum bum) is cooking? (bum bum)” And one more thing to think about think about the interaction between The Rock and Triple H…It will be Epic!

  • baddog_1_2k

    can you say failure! truth is hogans name dosen’t carry that much weight anymore and nobody cares about bischoff and if I am wrong say so but dosen’t TNA tend to pull Ecw type ratings and depending on if they get the Rock to host the 1st raw of the new year or not the great one will ruing this experiment. and on top off all this there maybe a football game that night as well…good buisness move by TNA to try and shake the wwe but it could happen at a later date.

  • Mike Maddog

    I just love the way WWE is just sitting back and laughing at TNA, do they really think Hogan is their saviour? If the time comes and TNA is expecting a war then god help them because WWE will knock them back into the ground right where WCW is buried.

  • Shawn

    I think this will be an interesting experiment. TNA really will have all the hype going in. Most people, wrestling fans or not, are familiar with WWE in some way. TNA, on the other hand, even some wrestling fans have no clue what’s up with them. In that case, they could potentially have huge ratings, at least for their first hour. As far as I’m concerned, though, until TNA goes head-to-head with WWE for at least a month or so, not too much can be concluded by this particular Monday’s ratings. However, considering all the hoopla that’s going on surrounding the TNA event, if they don’t pull a significantly higher rating than normal, it really can be perceived as a bad sign.