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Dixie Carter Talks About Meeting Stephanie McMahon at Reid’s Funeral

– TNA President Dixie Carter was recently interviewed by Sky News Radio in the UK and talked about meeting WWE’s Stephanie McMahon earlier this year:

“It was actually a very sad meeting. We met at the church at Ric Flair’s son’s funeral. She and Hunter were there, and the three of us had never met before. I was there with Sting and we were just kind of put in this back room waiting for each other. It was a very interesting meeting. They’re lovely people; I just wished them luck personally. They had a big weekend with WrestleMania coming up, and I did so publicly. Look, I have a different philosophy than maybe other people do. I think competition is healthy; I think to not want to have competition is absolutely ludicrous. I think it’s better for the fans, it’s better for the product and it makes us all work harder. And if we want to grow wrestling to be as big as it can be globally, I think that’s important. So, she did respond. I think there were a lot of tweets between the fans, but she did respond in a very kind manner.”

  • Erik Kessler

    dixie thinks tna compettion okay? that why when she tna ran to monday nights go head to head with vince wwe in 2010. there ratings took nose dive. left after month on mondays. last week rating got 0.8 is dixie on drugs? or is she drinking hogan koolaide. tna ratings are pathetic. hogan not draw. ratings don’t lie. wcw was competion for wwe in 90’s tna is no competion!

  • Erik Kessler

    that funny dixie thinks tna is competion lol tna not competion that why they lasted 1month on mondays in 2010. tna does crappy ratings. hogan not draw he once was. hogan hasbeen who should of never been hired. tna is hulk hogan show. it will die. hogan will run back to wwe. as flair did recenlty.