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Dixie Carter Teasing Replacement for Hulk Hogan on TNA Impact Wrestling

Dixie Carter has announced on Twitter that someone will step up and take control of TNA Wrestling while Hulk Hogan is out recovering. Here is what she wrote.

Dixie Carter ?@TNADixie
While Hulk Hogan is recovering, I’ve asked another man to step in and take control. He appears right at 8/7 Central on @SpikeTV tomorrow.

Moments afterwards, Eric Bischoff chimed in on Twitter by writing, “It’s about to get real interesting!”

  • Jon-Jon

    Can we please just end these storylines between Jarrett, Sting, Hogan, and Bischoff for once? This shit died at BFG LAST year..

  • Just Saying

    @ Will Henderson… I think you just hit the nail on the head

  • Will Henderson

    i can see Jeff Jarrett return to TNA to take over as GM temp, only to reveal it was him and Bischoff that lead the Aces and Eight stable with them hijacking TNA.


    bischoff is way more entertaining then hogan… could this be the nwo take over nash was referring to? maybe the aces and 8’s go in the ring to face bischoff and they get him cornered or somehting and then they pull a swerve or bischoff comes down while they are getting ready to attack someone and he gives them the thumbs up

  • Stockton Joe

    Since we all know that “banned for lift” ISN’T, my money is Eric Bischoff. God help us all.

  • Gary

    Its gotta be Chavo

  • ant

    hmm im gonna go withhh….I HAVE NO FREAKIN IDEA