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Dixie Carter’s Husband Shows Off Confederate Flag License Plate, Dixie’s Response

TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter’s husband Serg Salinas, who reigns as Vice President of TNA Knockout Music Publishing and TNA Merchandising, posted an image on Twitter Thursday night of himself hoisting a Confederate Flag license plate that states “DON’T MESS WITH DIXIE.”

Serg Salinas

Twitter user Nicole Jensen notified Carter of the image, stating, “Do you find it acceptable that Serg, an employee of yours, is promoting storylines on the confederate flag?” The TNA Wrestling President responded shortly thereafter via direct message, stating, “No way darlin. Wouldn’t allow that.”

Dixie Carter

Salinas has since deleted the image.

  • Andy

    Great example to prove my point about symbols being racist when used in a racist way. The swastika as a symbol has been around forever and isn’t exclusive to nazis. Hitler adopted it to show the struggle of the Aryan’s which is why it’s stigmatized with violence and racism. It’s a sign of auspiciousness in many eastern cultures.
    My point is just because a few racist rednecks fly a confederate flag doesn’t mean the flag is a racist symbol. It’s cultural. Having a swastika when you’re a Buddhist doesn’t make you a nazi. A confederate flag when you’re from the south doesn’t make you a racist

  • Minstrel_Period

    Are you trying to rehabilitate the swastika?

    Lots of people doing that I hear.

  • Minstrel_Period

    Are you trying to rehabilitate the swastika?

  • Andy

    The confederate flag isn’t racist! If you travel anywhere in the south you see that flag everywhere! People have it tattooed. It’s not meant to be racist it’s meant to show pride in where you come from. It’s only racist when attached to racist ideologies or propaganda. This was not racist at all since it’s intent was to promote Dixie

  • Will Henderson

    sure it’s offensive, but the confederate is a symbol of “southern pride” and it’s offensive because it’s link to the civil war and the fact the southerners were pro-slavery and also the flag has been associated with the “white power” movement during the days of the civil rights movement. but most people don’t understand that southerners hold this flag with pride and most people would assume most rebel confederate flag wavers/owners are racist because of the flags association of white people hating black people. so Serg showed off a confederate flag license plate with the saying “don’t mess with Dixie”. i’m not offended by seeing the flag, but i understand. people will be offended by seeing a flag sometimes,

  • Sean Kaboni

    another fine example of a sinking ship.