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Dixie Lets Nash Go Before the Rumble, Knockout Wins Contest, Hogan

– Hulk Hogan does voice work in a new animated movie called Gnomeo & Juliet.

– TNA Knockout Miss Tessmacher (Brooke Adams) recently competed in another Hooter’s Hot Body contest which she apparently won.

– Dave Meltzer reports that Kevin Nash actually signed a contract with TNA in January but Dixie Carter signed his release on the Friday morning before WWE’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

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  • TeddyG

    Vinny vinny vinny… everyone is entitled to an opinion chap, just no need to get so worked up – it can’t be good for your blood pressure man! or was it just that your mom let you have Ribena and Skittles on the same day and you went hyper (i understand that a lot children like you get that way) – I have been watching pro wrestling for over 35 years – i work in the industry – i understand the inner workings. Maybe i did get one thing wrong, I should have put it that NASH is looking after Nash… he wouldn’t give a rat’s behind about TNA’s drop in storyline quality if they offered him more money than Vince did (and hey, fair play). Nash realizes that you have to look after No.1 in this business – as unpopular as it may be – but its the smart thing.

    The point I was originally trying to make is that IF someone like AJ Styles went to WWE, Vince would have them stare at the lights for all his guys then bury them – just to make a point and say that his worst wrestlers are better than any other promotions best – he has done this since the mid 90’s and he ain’t about to change soon (again smart business as unpopular as it makes him in certain circles – like he cares about what I or anyone else thinks when he is sitting in his multi millior dollar mansion or flying in his private jet – he’s a lot smarter and more ruthless than 99% of us lot!).

    Chill my friend, there is no need to go off on one, people are less likely to take your points seriously, trust me!

  • squiggy

    I’m getting a vibe that alot of people don’t like Vinny.Thank you people for restoring my faith in humanity…LMFAO
    On a serious Note Vince is looking out for nash…by NOT putting him in the ring.Nash only has a few good matches left so why waste them.When Vince has figured out a great storyline for him they will let him have his time.I hate the way WWE is now, but i am smart enough to see why vince has made it what it is now, the man is a genius. So don’t think for a second he won’t throw old diesel a bone and send him out on a high note.It will benefit him just as much as it will nash in the end due to everybody “marking” out when he reappears aagain.

  • Vinny

    @rich, did you even read what I wrote before flapping your mouth? I said SINCE THE ROYAL RUMBLE, HOW HAS VINCE LOOKED AFTER NASH?

    Second of all, Vince didn’t “look after” nash. He built him into a star is what nash meant jackass. Are you really that stupid dude? Come back on here after your 10th birthday man, then you can have an opinion.


    the reason wwe doenst go for many tna superstars like the ones listed above by rich is due to their size.

  • Rich sound stupid as hell..kevin nash has stated in interviews that vince has looked after him and been really good to him which is why he wanted to go out in the wwe as diesel..THATS WHY HE’S SIGNED A LEGENDS CONTRACT DUMB SHIT

    as far as the thing with aj styles goes i don’t know about that but i no for a fact that alot of guys that have been released by tna like homicide,daniels,raven,stevie richards,samoa joe(his most recent release,and others have never got a call from wwe so i don’t think wwe is interested in tna wrestlers that much

  • Vinny

    @teddyG – vince only looks after his guys like Nash? Since the royal rumble, exactly how has vince “looked after” nash? if you have no idea what your talking about, you probably shouldn’t be on this site running your mouth.

    LOL, I love it how 7 year olds on this site think they know everything about the wrestling business HAHA….. Go play with your wwe action figures dude.

  • Vinny

    @mike, actually WWE never showed interest in aj styles. Where do you people get this information? I think you just nmake it up as you go.

  • dragon

    what tna needs to do is stop bunching all there wrestlers together and have some real fueds stop trying to bring back the nwo or four horse man seperate there story linesand have more than one feud take over 90 percent of there programing and stick to it stop changeing the direction the companys going every time dixie channges her panties

  • BJW, sure a lot of TNA’s roster would jump at the chance of earning double the money in WWE IF WWE actually pushed them, but most realize Vince only looks after ‘his’ guys like Nash, anyone else is used as cannon fodder to make ‘his’ prodcut look better (if a low level WWE jobber pins AJ Styles on Smackdown it (in Vince’s mind) makes WWE look vastly superior to any other organization). As for Meltzer… well lets just say he firmly believes the addage that you should never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

    WWE is definitly gaining ground back on TNA – I guess TNA should take that as a compliment that he is taking them seriously now, but they need to respond with the action and storylines that took them worldwide and stop letting Russo and Bischoff trying to rehash the same plot lines over and over. If THEY (pun intended) didn’t work the first time, why would THEY work the second time around??

  • Errr

    Mike while yeah aj’s loyal to tna, its tna that has the 61year olds running the show, EV2.0 flair hogan bischoff etc, and aj is a jobber he gets titles for like a week then theyre gone, what happened to his awesome world title reign, theyve swept him under a rugg so fatt hardy can join his brother, aj, jay lethal, motorcity machine guns and all the other decent young talent need fcw, roh or some random indy circuit coz tna is wwe reruns..

  • mike

    you do know wwe tried to get aj before but he always say no to them he probey dont wana job to a 61 yr old guy

  • bjw

    sure tna let him go before the rumble . messing up the storyline badly. stop lying tna we all know if wwe called 99.9% of your roster they would leave no questions asked