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- It was reported last week that John Cena and ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau had reached a settlement in their divorce proceedings. When news of the divorce broke in May, an inside source told The Miami Herald that it would “dwarf the Hogan divorce in nastiness,” with Huberdeau’s attorney Raymond Rafool stating to TMZ.com the following month that she was convinced the WWE Superstar was unfaithful during their marriage and would prove it in court. But in a sharp turn, Rafool stated that all matters in the divorce were settled and resolved amicably. Former WWE performer Kenn Doane, who has claimed that Cena had an affair with his then-girlfriend/fiancée Mickie James in 2007, weighed in on the divorce settlement via Twitter.

“If I knew I wasn’t going to win in court, I would settle too. His only option. Keeps him a babyface without the world knowing he cheated,” he wrote. “He and his lawyer knew if it went to court then his name gets dragged through mud. Settle an walk away. #smartchoice.”

Doane, however, added, “Honestly I am glad it ended peacefully. Court always sucks.”

- WWE.com has published an article asking who Daniel Bryan should be worried about more as SummerSlam approaches: AJ or Charlie Sheen? AJ ditched Bryan at the altar to assume the Raw General Manager position while the award-winning actor has issued an open challenge to him at the Los Angeles pay-per-view event.

  • Jim

    @ SYM & vide – Couldn’t agree more.

    Keep burying him Kenny hopefully it catches more attention so Cena’s reputation goes down the toilet and hopefully off our screens.

  • Big Homie

    Ok Ken we get it. He did your girl. It was years ago. Grow a set and move on. You’re not the first guy to get screwed over just ask Bret

  • xXx

    just ignore him guys.. he’ll eventually shut up..

  • vide

    Sorry to be the negative one here. But lets think about it, if someone messes with ur girlfriend and tried to ruin your career. Wouldn’t you be bitter?. Ppl on here are like “kenny needs to stop” but I believe he should say all the stuff he can to ruin cena. A man sleeps with ur girl and tries to ruin your future. Common people, I dont blame kenny for being mad one bit. Heck, im surprised that he hasn’t tried to physically kill cena. Because if it was me, i would have.

  • Slack

    I agree with Tyler and Matt and everyone else concerning Doane. who the hell cares? Noone cared about him when he was in the WWE and noone cares about him now. How many folks actually remember him?

  • SYM

    What you ppl dont get is that Doane is being asked questions or his thoughts on a subject and rather than not answering, he gives a response. Then Dirt Sheets make it seem like hes Trashing Cena out of random.

  • Missie

    this Doane certainly to get himself a job. Seriously? the couple is getting a divorce and he inserts himself. >.< CRAPPY-CRAPPY-CRAPPY is this the result of unemployment?

  • http://wrestlingedge.com cool d

    As I am watching no way out, a thought came to my mind that what if aj was planning to be gm all along and help punk as being a heel and she helps other heels aswell except bryan. I think this will be a great idea.

  • Whatever

    Does anyone have Kenny’s twitter i would love to see what kind of crap he posts, and second why does Kenny think Cena settled because of him, Maybe he settled to end it

  • Matt

    Does this fucking guy own this site or what? Jesus, his every tweet is reported as news like it fucking matters. Stop with the Kenny stuff. Please let him fade away into his miserable existence.

  • Bill

    I really hope D Bryan has an actual wrestling opponent at SS, then do a Sheen segment if they really want to.

  • Will Henderson

    looks like the storyline will be AJ gives Charlie Sheen the power of pick Daniel’s opponent at SummerSlam, in which will most likely be a returning Randy Orton.

  • bb

    too much drama……just leave thenm alone not our business to hear that shit.

  • ChrisDV

    Okay, Kenny, we get it – You have nothing going on in your life right now, and neither WWE or TNA want to hire you.

    Kindly shut up.

  • JohnCena33

    Please shut up Doane!

  • Tyler(:

    I’m not speaking for anyone else, but I see Dykstra/Doane/Phoenix articles on here way to much now.

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