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Dolph Ziggler Discusses His Goals, The Rock vs. John Cena and More

– #1 contender to the WWE Title Dolph Ziggler spoke with this week. Here are some highlights:

What are some of the goals you have in mind going forward?

Of course, I want to be champion, I want to wrestle a main event at WrestleMania and another very realistic goal of mine far down in my career is that I want to be know as the greatest ever. Not everybody wants that. Some people want to be champion, but in ten years when people say my name, I want them to be saying ‘he was the guy who was the best ever.’

When you held the WWE Intercontinental Championship title, what did having that title mean to you?

That was a huge goal that I had set for myself. I had come up short the year before. I though for sure that it was mine and when it didn’t happen I was actually very frustrated. Now, coming back into the picture of the title and then actually getting it … I honestly thought it was long overdue and it was well-deserved and I was very happy to take that and make it [a step] towards becoming the WWE Championship that it once was. I thought I brought some prestige to it.

WrestleMania is coming up in April. It will be The Rock versus John Cena. Who would you pick to win that fight?

Both those guys are in awesome shape. Cena is like our franchise guy. He carries the company on his back and he’s out there every single night doing everything he can to give back to the fans. The Rock, he’s awesome at what he does, but he’s kind of moved on and he’s a movie star now, so I’ve gotta go with the hometown guy who is out there in the trenches with us every single weekend as opposed to the guy that comes back a couple times a year.

  • CenaOrtonPunk

    I agree with him on John Cena and The Rock.

  • venom

    Ziggler is getting his WWE title shot and will drop down to midcard again.

  • bonerjams

    Prestige back to the title I honestly doubt it if its not been defended o a weekly or at least monthly pay perv view. I do like however the attention he is getting.

  • Tombstonepildriver

    Ever notice how many people get upset when you say something negative about the Rock? Yet the Rock dont care what you say, or at least if he does youll never know cause he will never be around to tell you.

  • Stashathan

    I got to admit, Dolph has come a long way since
    facing off with Khali at The Bash. I was in the
    crowd and was like who is this guy, but this guy
    has talent and charisma.

  • JIR

    Dolph has very realistic goals for himself good now lets wait 10 years and revisit this.

  • Tombstonepildriver

    LOL Sorry Dolph not dolf. Typing in a hurry.

  • Tombstonepildriver

    Dolf’s a little too cocky and arrogant But he is an awesome performer and I have to agree with him on bringing prestige back to the IC title. Also agree with him on Rock and Cena.