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Dolph Ziggler Discusses Injuries, Steroids, the Spirit Squad Gimmick & More

– WWE United States Champion Dolph Ziggler recently spoke with Here are some highlights:

Why have you found success with this persona?

A lot of it was about learning. When I started, I just wanted to get as much ring time as possible. You don’t get the full grasp of it until you have a few years under your belt, know how to listen to the crowd and look like you’re having fun – then the crowd has fun too.

What’s been your most embarrassing gimmick?

I was in the Spirit Squad, which was a group of guys with a cheerleading theme. I told myself no matter what the persona is, get your foot in the door and run with it.

There’s the perception that wrestlers are all hooked on steroids – is that a source of irritation?

It is because we’ve gone from the big burly guys who eat hotdogs and live a rough lifestyle to wrestlers who are all health nuts and work out every day. We’re constantly tested and there are measures to make sure we’re all safe and healthy. I hope that perception changes because we’re highly tuned athletes.

What’s been your worst injury?

I’ve been very lucky. I’ve had two concussions in six years and broke my nose a couple of times but a lot of people have constant injuries. Edge is amazing, he was a very positive influence on me and helped me out backstage but he had to retire recently because of back injuries.

  • Matt

    Am I the only who didnt knew/remember that he was apart of the spirit squad?

  • HeartBreakHill

    Hey man… The Spirit Squad was freaking awesome!

  • SusyRko

    I’m perfection…. Perfection