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Dolph Ziggler Discusses His Theme Music, Dream WrestleMania Opponent, More

– WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler spoke with this week. Here are some highlights:

His first Elimination Chamber match this year:
“Yeah, it was my first time. At least that’s what I told her. Honestly, that thing is crazy. I like to go above and beyond. I never give less than 100%. But that thing hurt like hell. I tried to sacrifice every ounce of my body to somehow stay in it all the way and ended up coming up a little short. But at least The Miz was out there. So at least he wasn’t in a gym or wrestling school somewhere, we know he was in that match.”

Changing his theme song:
“You know what, I’m out there to give 100% and I do what I think is best. I really don’t care what other people think. I know a lot of people like that song. I liked that song. I’m done being perfection. I still do on a day-to-day basis, I just don’t need to let everyone know about it. I’m ‘Here to Show the World’ is simply put, every single night when I go out there, I steal the show. I do what I do best and that’s take it away from every one else. And when everyone else goes to Wrestlemania to see Rock vs. Cena, there going to leave knowing I stole the show.”

His WrestleMania dream opponent:
“Shawn Michaels, 1997. That’s someone who could actually hang with me for 60 minutes, Iron Man Match. Let everyone know who is the best ever, not just best in the world who puts it on a t-shirt or shows up for six months a year. But someone on the roster right now, it would be Tyson Kidd. Me and him go out there and tear it up. Show everyone what wrestling is really about. And still make them care. And have them come away knowing that’s the best match they have ever seen.”

  • JIR

    once just once I would love to see a show with no promos just matches a 2 hour show no bs just Technical matches guess youtube playlist will have to suffice

  • Wellsy

    Isn’t Ziggler’s theme pretty much the same except they changed the start and cut out “perfection” and replaced it with what they have now? Most of the verses are the same.

    Great tune though. Think he just got fed up if being compared to Mr Perfect!

    On the slightly different note, has anyone noticed how camp Ziggler’s got recently?! Furry jacket. Pink t-shirt. And I swear he didn’t used to have a lisp!

  • Maltese

    Can this site block @Gorilla already, he is fucking annoying.

  • Dan

    They should have had Ziggler keep his old theme, and win the title at Elimination Chamber or even at the rumble, albeit in controversial circumstances, and then have Wrestlemania as Perfection vs Best in the World vs Best in the World at what I do.

  • Billy Zane

    “And when everyone else goes to Wrestlemania to see Rock vs. Cena, there going to leave knowing I stole the show.”


  • Nick

    it doesnt mean the kidd/ziggler match has to happen this wrestlemania, kidd has a huge amount of talent, that WWE is not letting be seen. Hopfully they put him on raw, and he can feud with the top talent. because he is good

  • LSC

    HBK vs Dolph Ziggler (In his prime in the future) would be a decent match

  • Snark Mark

    This year’s WM has me guessing. Unlike last year, the main events are really coming together nicely. Jericho/Punk, HHH/Taker, Bryan/Sheamus, and of course the house filler Rock/Cena. But having main event marquee matches people want to see frees up the under card to try things they won’t otherwise. A Dolph/Kidd match doesn’t really make sense, but if it is good than no one will care. Hopefully other guys are featured this year and are given a chance to really contribute to the overall quality of the show.

  • Gorilla

    Lol the best ever Really even the great Shawn Michael’s couldnt make ppl believe you are anywhere near being the best not even top 50 ziggler if you around in 97 or during attitude era they would have at you alive the audience and wrestlers. But lol your in 2012 where it don’t take much effort do get main event status Vince just has like you

  • Buttercastle

    What’s Miz have to do with that question?