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Dolph Ziggler Dismisses Comparisons To Mr. Perfect, Former WWE Diva At DWTS

— Dolph Ziggler answered a series of never before asked questions for including what is the most annoying question that interviewers ask him.

He responds, “Do you model yourself after Mr. Perfect?” — the answer is no! He was awesome and I was obviously a huge fan. We both have frizzy hair and are great athletes, he’s a Hall of Famer and I’m trying to get there! I have carved my own personality and love showing off, but because of my hair and WWE theme song that says “perfection,” I’m a ‘Mr. Perfect’ clone!”

The full interview can be accessed here.

— Former WWE Diva Shelly Martinez will be in attendance at next week’s Dancing with the Stars tapings in Los Angeles, California.

— Former WWE Women’s Champion Candice Michelle turns 33 years old today.

  • me

    Zigglers awesome.

  • JIR


  • Camille

    He really doesn’t act too much like Mr. Perfect.

  • venom

    With Ziggler being on Raw, you forget that he is a former world champion.

  • Mabry

    Ziggler and Rhodes are the future big stars, wwe should use this guys properly and not bury them….

  • cakes

    ziggler cuts some good promo’s on Z! True Long Island Story and I dont know why they won’t allow him to cut similar ones on Raw…but he should def go back to smackdown because him and orton had a good match a few weeks back on raw. I miss his “Hi, I’m dolph zigler” gimmick too, that shit was funny

  • Automattic

    I’m really impressed with the work Ziggler does, he’s come a long way since he debuted. I’d like to see him move back over to Smackdown so he can a better shot of advancing some more.

  • Sean Mooney


    Agreed. Maybe throw in some heel Owen Hart personality?

  • venom

    Ziggler is a Billy Gunn, and Mr.Perfect clone.