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Dolph Ziggler To Host WWE YouTube Show, THQ Facing Delisting From NASDAQ

— Dolph Ziggler will host one of WWE’s nine YouTube shows, WWE Download. The WWE Superstar will mock select YouTube clips.

The synopsis of the series reads: “WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler dissects YouTube videos like an alien autopsy. Picking apart the digital disasters from an array of tools and fools who provide countless head-spinning moments for the world to share.”


— reports that THQ, WWE’s video game partner, has been issued a delisting notice from NASDAQ as they’ve been trading under the minimum of $1 for the past 30 days. The organization has 180 days to climb above a dollar for 10 consecutive days. The stock is currently trading at 68 cents per share.

  • MJ

    Oh my god. This has to be one of the lamest ideas since the blue blazer, katie vick, well its not as bad as those but its lame! If its called “sports entertainment” how is it that the entertainment is at an all time low? Its like watching a TNA PPV or worst an ROH PPV

  • Bill

    Sounds like a WWE Tosh.0 of you ask me.

  • Snark Mark

    WWE is using Dolph Ziggler to go after the America’s Funniest Home Video crowd? If you would have asked me what way I predicted WWE misusing talent, I’d never in my wildest dreams have come up with something as pointless as this.

  • SusyRko

    Do you have to Pay to watch the videos? Ziggler is hilarious I tought that it will be an ask the hell show, but if ziggler is in it should be good.